Product information | New energy-saving

New energy-saving function
Industry first. Energy-saving operation function of a new system.

In previous models, the energy saving operation function corresponded with the load state, and controlled operation to minimize loss of the motor itself. The newly developed FRENIC-Eco Series has shifted the focus from the motor to the inverter, recognizing that the inverter itself is an electrical product, and the new models are equipped with a new control system that minimizes the power consumed by the inverter itself (inverter loss) as well as the power loss in the motor itself.

Using this new system, energy savings is several percent improved over that of the previous models.
Kyoto Agreement, which was studied at the Conference on Prevention of Global Warming (COP3), was ratified by Russia in October 2004, and thereby put into effect on February 16, 2005. In the future, the related regulations are calling for a reduction in energy consumption of 1% or more each succeeding year, and therefore, we are aiming to build energy saving features into equipment as a whole.
FRENIC-Eco is the inverter equipped with the industry's highest level of efficiency (low power loss).

Power Monitor

Power-related data can be checked at the inverter unit's keypad.


Cumulative values can be reset. Cumulative power rates are shown with the power rate set at so much per kWh (display coefficient). Rates in other currency can also be displayed.