Product information | Wide Usage for Water Treatment

Wide Usage for Water Treatment
Water purification plant and wastewater, clean water and sewage treatment plants
Irrigation system
Seawater desalination

Fuji Electric offers high-reliable inverters based on broad ideas focusing on future and with pinpoint technical support while meeting the complicated needs regarding water treatment that requires stable water supply and effective use of resources.
FRENIC-AQUA features dedicated functions as standard that are required in water treatment plants, such as 4PID control, cascade control, dry pump detection, slow flowrate function, and pick-up operation, as well as many options. These functions contribute strongly to protection of system and reduction of cost.
The pumps and blowers used in water purification, water supply and wastewater treatment plants need to be controlled with accurate pressure (discharge pressure). FRENIC-AQUA realizes optimal process control with high-integrity using the built-in PID controller.
The cascade control can control up to eight units + one unit (auxiliary motor), allowing for application to the large-scale system. In addition, since the operation time of each pump and blower is equalized in cascade control, the system life can be prolonged.


FRENIC -AQUA series is equipped with many functions that control the pumps and blowers used in water treatment facility optimally.

Fluid-pressure device
  • Oil pumping system

  • Injection machine

  • Hydraulic press machine

  • Extruders

  • Cold and Air Compressors