FRENIC4600 Series    Medium-voltage direct output inverters

Fuji Electric's FRENIC4600 series of medium-voltage inverters enable direct variable speed control of medium-voltage motors to ensure stable operations with high efficiency and high power factor while greatly contributing to energy conservation.

Product name FRENIC4600FM6e FRENIC4600FM6e
【IEC standard compliant】
Appearance of FRENIC4600FM5 Appearance of FRENIC4600FM5e
Standard JIS, JEM, JEC IEC standard compliant


Usage examples

Discontinued Produncts

  • ・FRENIC4600FM5d
  • ・FRENIC4600FM5e
  • ・FRENIC4600FM5e(IEC Standard compliant)

Successor model:FRENIC4600FM6e、FRENIC4600FM6e(IEC Standard compliant)

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