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The videos of manufacturing, delivery and retorofitting of EGCS are shown.


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Fuji Electric proposes marine exhaust gas cleaning system (EGCS) including SOx scrubber with innovative cyclone technology developed for marine use and the latest laser gas analyzer with easy maintenance.

This video shows an example of retrofit installation of Fuji's SOx scrubber.

We introduce the challenges of developing SOx scrubber to achive compact and high-efficiency to remove the SOx with the empoyees interview.

We introduce the world's smallest marine scrubber made with Japanese-made quality has been shipped.

EGCSA membership

Fuji Electric is a full member of the Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems Association (EGCSA), a global association of companies involved in the development and design of EGCS. Aiming for a cleaner environment, the EGCSA provides information, advice and updates on emission regulations, issues in the maritime industry and EGCS technologies and solutions.

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Ship Efficiency: The Insight Issue #06
  • Ship Efficiency: The Insight Issue #06 A compact tradition: Introducing the world’s smallest EGCS.


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Creative use of space and resources is a hallmark of ship design, and it is the guiding philosophy behind Fuji Electric’s SOx scrubber and laser gas analyser.

Fuji Electric’s solution, SaveBlue, is an exhaust gas cleaning system (EGCS) that allows continued use of heavy fuel oil (HFO): With a compact size that facilitates ease of installation, it is suitable for both retrofitting and new builds.


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