Most effective way of removing black carbon from emission gas
Electrostatic precipitator
for marine engines

under development

Electrostatically removes particulate matter (PM)

Low pressure drop results in minimum impact on engine

Removes ultrafine PM 1 micron or less in diameter

For 30 years, Fuji Electric has been a leading provider of electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) for tunnel ventilation systems. The company's ESPs are in operation in around 50 tunnels in Japan and overseas. Based on our experience with that ventilation technology, we have been working on achieving long-term stable, automatic cleaning with enhanced miniaturization under high-temperature conditions to produce an ESP that can be effectively mounted in a marine vessel.

How our ESP works
How our ESP works

Our ESP puts a negative electric charge onto the surface of dust and other particles. The charged particles are attracted to a collection electrode through electrostatic force. The particles
accumulate on the electrode and are removed from the airstream.

Automatic maintenance mechanism
Automatic maintenance mechanism

Accumulation of PM within the hole-type ESP decreases the effective electrode area; thus, dust-collection performance
decreases over time. The PM that has accumulated within the collection space is suctioned off and recovered automatically
to maintain the desired dust-collecting performance.


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