Product Information

Product Information

Servomotor Specifications GYB motor (3000r/min)

Standard specifications

  1. *1 The max. speed of 5000r/min can be reached by using it with Fuji's gear head
  2. *2 Protection degree IP67 is initial value
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Brake specifications (motor equipped with a brake)

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Torque characteristics diagrams (at 3-phase 200 [V] or single-phase 230 [V] source voltage)

These characteristics indicate typical values of each servomotor combined with the corresponding servo amplifier RYH series.
The rated torque indicates the value obtained when the servo amplifier is installed to the following aluminum heat sink.

  • Model GYB201, 401 : 250×250×6 [mm]
  • Model GYB751 : 300×300×6 [mm]
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