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Maintenance Support

Maintenance Support

For stable operation and maintenance cost reduction of equipment, to support maintenance using a variety of maintenance technology.

Remote monitoring and maintenance services for solar power generation
(solar panel diagnostic services)

We streamline the operations and maintenance work of solar power generation facilities.

Cloud-Based Plant Maintenance Services

For stable operation and reduction of life cycle cost of the plant.

To prevent accidents and unexpected emergent cost, , the best operation method will be calculated based on the various information of operation, energy consumption, and plant equipment.

Support the stable operation of overseas factories

Supporting plant sites of overseas and equipment manufacturers would be much easier and faster.

Remote Monitoring Services

Auto call system

Under the small scaled monitoring, it automatically reports only when some error occurs.(Input signal:digital signal/analog signal)

State monitoring

If an error occurs, reporting device is Problem automatically. Monitoring device periodically collects the state of the equipment.(Input signal:digital signal or analog signal)

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