Changes of Monitoring and Control Systems

Which generation does your equipment belong to?

Recommendation of Upgrade


Information processing and control systems

Large-Scale Monitoring and Control System


Small- and Medium-Scale Monitoring and Control System


Small- and Medium-Scale System


Introduction to the upgrade tools

Introduction of upgrade tools

The upgrade tool realizes short startup time.
You have only to replace with an ITM (interface terminal) compatible with the existing one, and you can easily use I/O external line cables for the new system. By using existing I/O terminal blocks, you can improve wiring work efficiency and achieve high quality.

NDPC/NMCA boards

A partial replacement of a PLC group composed of old transmission systems into new PLCs is available. Flexible partial replacements of transmission connection between are available without any change of application software for old models.

Introduction to Data Collection and Analysis Support System

Assist in solving problems of unstable operation.
When accuracy shift or yield gets worse, if you do not know what is the cause, such as degradation of an electrical control device, shift in adjustment level and deficiency in a sequence, the NISDAS data collection system and Main-Gate data analysis system will find the cause of abnormal phenomena from different angles as data collection and analysis systems.

Programmable Operation Display

Information Processing and Control Controller

Introduction to the upgrade tool

MICREX-F ⇒ MICREX-SX Hardware Simple Replacement Tool
It realizes short startup time.
By using existing I/O terminal blocks and external line cables as they are, you can improve wiring work efficiency and achieve high quality.

» Programming Software (SX Programmer Standard)
inherits customer’s software assets smoothly and enables design cost reduction as well.

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