Changes of AC Drives (Low voltage)

Which generation does your equipment belong to?

General-purpose AC Drives (Low voltage)

Vector AC Drives (Low voltage), machine tool AC Drives (Low voltage) and high-frequency AC Drives (Low voltage)

Recommendation of Upgrade


AC Drives (Low voltage) have their lifespans.

An inverter is composed with life-limited electronic parts such as electrolytic capacitors and fans. Since these parts have their life spans, some parts of old-type AC Drives (Low voltage) may have been ended.

General purpose AC Drives (Low voltage) include their maintenance information, and operation hours and deterioration status of equipment are displayed on a touch panel. Periodical replacement parts have their standard replacement years. However, deterioration process of equipment may differ depends on manual of each model.

Benefits of Upgrade

  • Small size, lighter weight, lower losses, and energy savings

  • Improvement of design life and life forecast provides high maintainability

  • Excellent environmental resistance realized compared with conventional models

  • Compliant with RoHS Directive, environmentally friendly products

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