Radiation Monitoring System


Fuji radiation monitoring instruments and systems contribute to your safety and security. They have been widely used in nuclear facilities, such as nuclear power plants, for over 65 years. We will strive to continue providing the same safe, reliable technologies and products for nuclear facilities in the future.

Features of Fuji radiation monitoring Instruments


Fuji personal dosimeters have been used to monitor and record the levels of exposure of nuclear plant workers to radiation for over 35 years.

Cost performance

Fuji products have been designed to satisfy user performance requirements at reasonable costs.

Advanced Features

Fuji has delivered a radiation monitoring panel with a record high 300 channels to JNFL [Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited] in Japan.



Fuji has been awarded the Historically Significant Device Prize by the Atomic Energy Society of Japan because of the excellent construction of our body contamination monitor and personal dosemeter.


Fuji has qualified for the 1E Standard Certification of the People's Republic of China for our RMS equipment. (Design and Manufacture)

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Fuji Electric provides integration instrumentation solutions including analyzers, transmitters, meters, controllers, and recorders.

Radiation Monitoring System

We offer a lineup of products that provide comprehensive measures and countermeasures with respect to radiation handling facilities and environmental radiation measurement.