Principle of Differential Pressure (Flow) Transmitter

Operating principle
Operating principle

Flow rate is calculated based on the differential pressure generated before/after an orifice plate.

Sensing mechanism
Sensing mechanism

The silicon diaphragm is displaced when pressure is applied from P1 and P2, and the capacitance between the capacitor electrode and the silicon diaphragm changes. This change in capacitance is proportional to the differential pressure.

Pressure Transmitters

FCX-AIII Series Transmitters

Long-term stable measurement of pressure or differential pressure (flow rate)

Equalizing Valve, Oval Flange <FFN, FFP>

For the use with differential pressure transmitters

  • # 16 Mpa or 42 Mpa
  • # With pressure tube
Hand-Held Communicator <FXW>

For communication with transmitters

  • # 16-digit 4-line LCD
  • # Rachargeable
  • # Printer (option)
Orifice Plates

Designed according to JIS standards