Approved Gas Analyzers

1. Japanese Measurement Law: Designated Manufacturing Business Operator

2. Japanese Measurement Law: Type Approval

In 1972, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry amended the Measurement Law to add gas concentration analyzers into its subjects as statutory measuring instruments.

Only the gas (NOx, SO2, CO, and O2) concentration analyzers which have passed the verification test can be used for transactions or certifications, for example, report to administrative agencies, certifications by laboratories, or indication of quality.

The following gas analyzers of Fuji Electric have obtained Type Approval.
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3. TIIS explosion-proof certification

TIIS (Technology Institution of Industrial Safety) is a test/certification body in Japan. TIIS explosion proof certification is valid in Japan and some other areas in Asia.
The following table shows our zirconia oxygen analyzers obtained Type Approval from TIIS.

4. NEPSI explosion-proof certification (China)

NEPSI (National Supervision and Inspection Center for Explosion Protection and Safety of Instrumentation), performs inspection on explosion-proof electric equipment according to GB standards (Chinese national standards: Guojia Biaozhun) which conforms to IEC60079. The following table shows our transmitters certified by NEPSI.

Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer

  • CNEx certification

Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer

5. CE Marking


CE marking indicates that the product conforms with the applicable EU directives.

6. Chinese type approval

7. Korean type approval

8. FM approval


FM approval certifies electrical equipment when they conform to ANSI safety standards.
Fuji Electric offers zirconia oxygen analyzers approved by FM.

9. US FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

10. TÜV certificate


In Germany, TÜV certificate is required of continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMs) by EN 15267.
The following gas analyzers have obtained Type Approval from TÜV.

11. MCERTS accreditation


MCERTS is the UK Environment Agency's Monitoring Certification Scheme for emission monitoring systems.
The following gas analyzers have obtained MCERTS accreditations.