Wide Range of Voltage Control

On-load Tap Changing, Stepless Salurable Core Reactors, Off-load Range Changing

The electrolytic processes of aluminum, magnesium and zinc require a wide range of voltage control. The diode rectifier transformers for such services are equipped with the following voltage control functions:

(a) On-load tap-changer provided on the tap winding for automatic incremental voltage control.
(b) Saturable core reactors provided in the transformer tank for automatic stepless voltage control.
(c) Off-load tap-changer provided on the tap winding for a wide range of voltage range change-over.

Fuji Electric offers the ideal voltage control system to suit the particular process using a combination of these functions. Figs. 8, 9 and 10 show typical voltage control systems. Fig. 8 shows the voltage control system, which controls collectively multiple units of S-Formers with one common voltage regulating transformer equipped with an on-load tap-changer.

In the system shown in Fig. 9, each of the 6 pulse rectifier units is equipped with an on-load tap-changer (occasionally an off-load tap-changer as well) and thus the output voltage of each rectifier unit is controlled individually. Fig. 10 shows a rectifier system comprising 12 pulse units, with each unit consisting of a voltage regulating transformer and 12 pulse rectifier transformers accommodated in the common tank.

Fig. 8 Voltage Control System,withOne Common Voltage RegulatingTransformer
Fig. 9 Voltage Control System,with 6 Pulse Rectifier Units
Fig. 10 Voltage Control System,with 12 Pulse Rectifier Units



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