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Outline of S-Former

Fuji Electric's Manufacturing Experience

Fuji Electric is one of the world's leading suppliers of AC to DC power conversion systems. Fuji S-Formers benefit from the technical and manufacturing expertise that Fuji Electric has built up over many years of manufacturing various types of power conversion equipment since the era of mercury arc rectifiers, contact converters and selenium rectifiers.

The Fuji S-Former is a close-coupled type transformer-rectifier unit, which incorporates various patented features developed by Fuji Electric, and is ideally designed to meet the power requirements of electrolytic services. Fuji S-Formers use an "in-phase contra-polarity connection" system developed by Fuji Electric, the special features and merits of which are described on the following pages. This special system enables the S-Formers to be rated as high as 250kA per unit at 500V DC using a single-way connection and up to 150kA per unit at 1500V DC with a double-way connection. Fuji S-Formers are highly regarded for their excellent technical features and performance. Installed capacity to date totals 16,281MW or 31,090kA DC.

Fuji S-Formers are designed with flexibility and versatility to satisfy each customer's special requirements and to meet the various standards and regulations. Many S-Formers have been exported to overseas markets and are acquiring a high-reputation for their excellent performance under many different operating conditions.
Fuji Electric has its own representatives and local agents in various areas of the world.

This sales and service network provides Fuji Electric's customers with access to the latest information on the Fuji S-Formers.

Competent supervising engineers are available upon request for overseas installation, testing and commissioning.
Fig. 1 Supply Records (1959 to February 2012), Amount in kW: 22,659MW

(1) Destination

Destination pie chart

(2) Application

Application pie chart
Supply Record of Fuji S-Formers

The Latest Installations

Recent Supply of Fuji S-Formers for Aluminum Reduction from 1990
Supply List of Rectifier Equipment for CHL or Alkali Cells & Chlorate Cells

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