Product information

Pump control

Three pump control methods are available


Up to 2 units in the standard specification.
It is necessary to install an optional relay output card for circulating operation of 3 units.

Communication link method: Rotary operation

Each inverter is connected by a communication link, and the system can be constructed without the need for a controller.
Also, no additional options are required and wiring can be reduced by using communication.

New functions: Standard-equipped customizable logic functions
  • Temperature difference constant control and estimated terminal pressure control can be used by creating customized logic.

  • Users can create their own sequences.

  • Combinations of up to 200 steps are possible. A special software development environment is not required.

  • Digital logic circuits and analog arithmetic circuits can be configured using digital and analog input-output signals.

  • Logic settings can be protected by passwords.

Improved operability
  • Standard equipped with RS-485 port (terminal block) independent of the keypad

  • Optional keypad with USB port for communication with PC

  • Various communication interfaces can be supported with installation of an optional card
    Input/output system: relay output, analog input/output, platinum resistance temperature detector (RTD) input (PT100)
    Communication system: DeviceNet, PROFIBUS-DP, LonWorks

  • Detachable interface panel is used

Multilingual support: 19 languages
Other equipped controls and functions
  • Sensorless synchronous motor control to meet further energy-saving requirements

  • Pick-up and regeneration avoidance operating functions

  • PID scaling functions (quantity setting)

Benefits of reliable long service life design continue after installation (10 year design)

The design life of the various parts with limited service life inside the inverter is 10 years. Lengthening of the maintenance cycle helps to reduce expenses.


As the design life is a calculated value, it is not a guaranteed value.

Regarding standard compliance

This product conforms to the UL standards and CE directives.