Rated capacity is calculated by regarding the output rated voltage as 440 VAC.


Output voltage cannot exceed the power supply voltage.


These values correspond to the following conditions: carrier frequency is 10 kHz (2 phase modulation) and ambient temperature is 45°C. Select the inverter capacity such that the square average current during operation is not higher than the 80% of the rated current of the inverter.


Voltage unbalance [%] = (Max.voltage [V] - Min.voltage [V])/ Three-phase average voltage [V] x 67(IEC61800-3). Just for 3ph 400 VAC input supply case.


The power supply capacity is 500kVA (ten times the inverter capacity when the inverter capacity exceeds 50kVA), and the value of the power supply impedance is %X=5%.


The admissible error of minimum resistance is ±5%.


Braking time and duty cycle (%ED) are defined by cycle operation at the rated regenerative power.


Variations (Voltage: +10 to -10%, Frequency: +5 to -5%)