Product information

Book type shape up to 15 kW (32 A) with new advantages
  • Side mounting:
    Install the inverter in the most convenient way depending on space limitations (e.g. door frames).

  • Removable power terminals:
    Easier and faster installation by pre-wiring thanks to removable power terminals.

  • IP 54 heatsink:
    Stronger IP level allows feed through mounting for heatsink, making cabinet design smaller and cheaper for shaft installation.

Certified functional safety functions according to EN81-20 for an easier installation
  • Contactorless: Needless of the two motor contactors between inverter and motor

  • Brake monitoring function for UCM

  • Travel direction change safety counter for belt/coated ropes lifts

Different energy saving modes

Following the standards and directives for saving energy (ISO 25745), different saving energy modes are available. Put the inverter to sleep mode by activating a digital input.
Charging circuits are highly robust and allow high number of power ups per hour.

Customizable logic capability

Customize your own functions with the built-in PLC function. Easily program your PLC via loader software. Create up to 200 steps program (macro steps / function blocks).

Connected to the world

CANopen (402 & 417), DCP (3 & 4) and Modbus RTU are available thanks to the 3 built-in communication ports.

Built-in EMC filter

Built-in EMC filter compliant to EN12015 and EN12016.
Saves space inside the cabinet and makes wiring easier.

Easy rescue operation

Rescue operation available by means of UPS or batteries. Thanks to the new 24 VDC input, rescue can be performed from 48 VDC only. Software functions help as well to optimize UPS or batteries sizing by choosing the most favourable rescue direction.

Able to control any motor

With its additional new motor control modes, FRENIC-Lift is able to control any motor in the market. Even able to control a motor with peripheral encoder.

Stronger coating

New coating makes PCB stronger against humidity and dust.
Robustness for lift shaft environments.