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Significantly suppress the harmonic current

PWM converter eRHC acts as an Active Front End when used together with an inverter, in which the input current is changed to a sinusoidal wave to significantly suppress the harmonic current.

Relative harmonic content[%]
Role of Harmonics Suppressing Filter

The harmonics suppressing filter consists of reactors (Lf), resistors (Rf) and capacitors (Cf).
The waveform of the current flowing in a circuit having no harmonics suppressing filter is distorted with switching component.
The role of the harmonics suppressing filter is to absorb the harmonics current while blocking it from flowing in the system.

Possible to reduce power supply facility capacity

Its power-factor control realizes the same phase current as the power-supply phase-voltage. The equipment, thus, can be operated with the power-factor of almost "1".
Reducing input current harmonics allows to use a more compact, lower capacity power transformer, circuit breaker, and other equipment compared with a standalone inverter, cutting down on costs.

Comparison of input current waveforms
Energy saving and Upgraded braking performance

Regenerated energy from highly frequent acceleration/deceleration and vertical applications is returned to power supply side.
Reusing regenerative energy for other equipment enables energy saving.
As the current waveform is also sinusoidal during regenerative operation, no troubles are caused to the power supply system.

When the PWM converter is used
Continuous regenerative operation is supported
Regenerative braking torque characteristics
Simultaneous connections to multiple inverters

The PWM converter supports multiple inverter connections. By selecting a proper PWM converter in consideration of the total inverter capacity, you can use more than one inverter to achieve power regeneration with reduced harmonics.

Easy to use and ease of maintenance
  • The FRENIC-eRHC inherits the concept of our high-performance standard inverter FRENIC-Ace and, in addition to a similar appearance design, provides a variety of standard functions and a rich set of protective and maintenance functions.

  • FRENIC-eRHC supports RS-485 communications as standard. It also has a touch panel that can be used to operate it in same way as FRENIC-Ace.

Visualization of energy saving data

Energy recovered can be monitored by yourself without installing additional components. (Available soon)

Long life

Components with limited life time has been designed to operate for 10 Power years, same as the inverters from Fuji Electric.

Design life Note 1

Note 1: This design life data represents calculated values, not guaranteed values.

Compliance with Global Standards

This product is expected to comply with the EC Directive (CE Marking).

Application examples