FRENIC4400 Series Medium-to-large capacity DC link inverters

FRENIC4400 Series  Medium-to-large capacity DC link inverters
Transvector control DC link type three-level inverter


Three-level PWM inverter

Using three-level pulse-width modulation (PWM) control with output voltage at 800 V AC, we have achieved a single unit rated capacity of 1200 kVA, and have also drastically reduced the output current harmonics.

Adoption of IGBT

We have adopted a Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) device configuration for a faster control response, lower loss and more simplified inverter control circuit.

Outstanding control performance

● High-speed control response
A fast response equal to or greater than a DC motor is achieved by driving with a serialized, fully enclosed squirrel-cage induction motor using Fuji Electric's own unique transvector control method.
● High-precision control
Digital control using a microprocessor and digital signal processor enables highly accurate control that is unaffected by temperature or aging changes.
Speed control: ±0.01%
Torque control: ±5%
● Wide range of speed control
Total digital control enables speed control in a wide range.
● Weak-field control
Using control that constantly monitors magnetic flux makes it possible to ensure smooth high-speed operation by weak-field control.
● High-performance control (Option)
Optional features such as observer control (impact drop compensation, shaft torsional vibration suppression), speed control autotuning, and plant control software (mechanical loss setting, torque forcing fixed position stop control) are available to be built in.

High-efficiency plant operations

High-efficiency plant operations can be achieved by exchanging power energy and regenerative energy with the DC distribution system over a common DC bus.

Easy maintenance and inspections

While the control unit is in operation or stopped it is possible to check various data and status conditions, which makes it extremely easy to review the system operating state including safeguard and abnormal conditions.
Traceback functions* are also available during operation which are useful for troubleshooting the cause in the event of an abnormality. Additionally, analog output* of internal data is available during operation, enabling easy maintenance and inspections.
* Traceback and analog output of internal data are optional features.

Inverter specifications and outline dimensions

Item FRENIC4400VM4
Input voltage DC1200V±10%
Output Voltage Three-phase 800 VAC
Frequency 0.2~200Hz
Overload 1 min. at 150%
Control Control method Sine wave three-level PWM, ASR control with ACR minor control
Speed control range 1:1000
Speed control accuracy ±0.01% of rated speed
Field control range 1:3,1:4
Torque control accuracy ±5%,±3% (when using VMT4)
Response speed 30rad/s (5Hz)
90rad/s (15Hz,Hz, when using observer control)

Inverter outline dimensions

Common converter outline dimension

Common converter outline dimensions

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