Product infromation

Product infromation

Optimal Structure Design

User friendly, easy to see keypad

The regulator is indicated by enlarging the LCD.

*Possible to show understandable indications through the unit conversion function.
*Multi-language function: 19 languages + user customized language supported

Multi-language supported: 19 languages + user customized language (Planned)
Japanese English Chinese German French
Spanish Italian Russian Greek Turkish
Malay Vietnamese Thai Indonesian Polish
Czech Swedish Portuguese Dutch  

Real time clock (RTC) is provided as standard.

Alarm information with date and time
  • Alarm information for last ten times is stored and displayed with date and time.
Timer function
  • Possible to set the maximum four timers for a week.
  • Possible to set flag holidays (20 days a year).


When operation is performed in the same schedule through a week
When operation schedule varies depending on the day of the week
Unit conversion function between PV and SV values
  • Unit conversion allows you to easily set data.
Function Units
Unit conversion No conversion % RPM l/min
m3/h °C mbar bar
kPa mWG mmHg kW
in-wg psi °F ppm

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