Standard Specifications

Three phase 400V class series (EMC Filter Built-in Type)

3-phase, 400V series (0.75 to 30kW)

-phase, 400V series (33 to 280kW)

*1 When selecting the inverter rating for Fuji 4-pole standard motor, consider not only the rating capacity(kW) is enough
but also inverter output current is larger than selected the motor's nominal current.
*2 Rated capacity is calculated by assuming the output rated voltage as 440 V.
*3 Output voltage cannot exceed the power supply voltage.
Type 0002 to 0011:8kHz, type 0018 to 0045:10kHz, type 0060 to 0150:6kHz, type 0176 to 0520:4kHz
*4 When the carrier frequency (F26) is set to below value or higher, the inverter is sure to be necessary to derate
its nominal current.
*5 The value is calculated assuming that the inverter is connected with a power supply with the capacity of 500 kVA
(or 10 times the inverter capacity if the inverter capacity exceeds 50 kVA) and %X is 5%.
Be sure to use the DCR when applicable motor capacity is 75kW or above.
*6 Obtained when a DC reactor (DCR) is used.
*7 Average braking torque for the motor running alone. (It varies with the efficiency of the motor.)
*8 Voltage unbalance (%) =(Max. voltage (V) - Min. voltage (V))/Three -phase average voltage (V) × 67 (IEC 61800 - 3)
If this value is 2 to 3%, use an optional AC reactor (ACR).
*9 Type 0006 and 0011: allowable ambient temperature 40℃ (+104 °F) or less.
The rated output current is decreased 1% for every 1 ℃ (1.8 °F) when ambient temperature is +40℃ (+104 °F) or more.
*10 The 400 V class series with type 0176 or above is equipped with a set of switching connectors (male) which should be configured according to the power source voltage and frequency.

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