Employee Health and Safety Management


Health and Safety Policy for Eliminating Workplace Accidents

Health and Safety Basic Policy

Employee health and safety is a top management priority. In line with the Health and Safety Basic Philosophy of putting that health and safety of workers takes precedence over everything else, we formulated the Basic Policy on Health and Safety, and have declared it to all business sites in Japan and overseas.

Health and Safety Basic Philosophy Health and Safety of Workers takes precedence over everything else.
Fuji Electric Health and Safety Basic Policy
  1. 1.

    Health and safety is one of the most important tasks of corporate management at Fuji Electric. High-quality health and safety activities are practiced to make the workplace safe and comfortable, eradicate industrial accidents and prevent mental and physical diseases.

  2. 2.

    Applicable laws and regulations, and autonomous standards established by the Company, individual business offices and departments shall be observed. Health and safety activities sticking to the basics shall be exercised at all times.

  3. 3.

    All individuals involved in the business of Fuji Electric shall participate in the voluntary health and safety activities as a team and enroot safety culture in the workplace in order to ensure their own health and safety.

  4. 4.

    Health and safety activities focusing on the employees’ health and safety are pursued aggressively in all businesses we conduct. By publicizing these activities, we contribute to creation of a safer, securer and more comfortable society.

Company-wide Health and Safety Management Policy and Yearly Slogan

Every fiscal year we formulate the Company-wide Health and Safety Management Policy, which identifies issues and specific action items based on the Health and Safety Basic Policy, and to further raise employee awareness we solicit ideas from them to create a health and safety yearly slogan.

The Company-wide Health and Safety Management Policy is shared with all employees through our business sites and becomes the cornerstone of health and safety activities for the fiscal year at the head office, branches, factories and local construction sites. In addition to domestic subsidiaries, the policy is delivered to overseas subsidiaries in English and in Chinese and we cultivate within all employees the ideas of "safety culture".

Occupational Health and Safety Promotion System

Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., established the Health and Safety Promotion Committee, made up of officers in charge of labor relations and top management at all operating sites at the pinnacle of the Fuji Electric, and it sets the Company-wide direction of occupational health and safety management while also overseeing specific activities. The committee meets annually to determine the Company-wide Health and Safety Management Policy and a health and safety yearly slogan for each New Year while summarizing various factors, including the number of occupational and business automobile accidents in the previous year. It also steadily implements the PDCA cycle to ensure Company-wide safety and health.

In response to the Company-wide Policy, we established management policies, regulations, and standards for both ongoing operations and fixed-term projects at our plants, head office, and divisions according to their specific environments and attributes. We operate under an optimal safety and health management system based on the PDCA cycle for safety and health activities, which sets out requirements for the ideal state of safety and health management, including the development of management systems and various activities such as risk assessment. Each organization implements rigorous top-down command and control. We also conduct health and safety audits through safety departments across the Company. Emphasis is placed on bottom-up functions that reflect the real voices of workers in the field. Moreover, we work closely with our labor union to promote optimal occupational health management at each site.

Our thermal and geothermal plant business division, which has frequent contact with overseas customers, has acquired ISO 45001 safety and health certification.

Initiatives to Ensure Occupational Health and Safety

Fiscal 2022 Company-wide Health and Safety Management Policy and Yearly Slogan

In fiscal 2022, the following actions were specified in the Company-wide Health and Safety Management Policy and health and safety yearly slogan as we worked to maintain safety and prevent occupational accidents.

Health and Safety Targets
  1. 1.

    Zero work-related disasters

  2. 2.

    Zero work-related illness

  3. 3.

    Zero traffic accidents

Concrete Action Plans
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    Occupational Safety

    1. 1.

      Minimizing workplace risks by promoting risk assessments under management leadership

    2. 2.

      Investigation of the causes of occupational accidents and prevention of recurrence under management leadership, and horizontally deploying the results

    3. 3.

      Compliance with laws and workplace rules and improvement of health and safety capabilities through well-planned health and safety training

    4. 4.

      Improvement of the work environment and proper allocation of employees in consideration of the aging workforce

    5. 5.

      Safety and health guidance for young and inexperienced workers

    6. 6.

      Clarification of work and safety procedures for non-routine work

    7. 7.

      Reinforcement of precautionary measures such as the use of WBGT meters and the wearing of air-conditioned clothing and ensuring meticulous management of physical conditions

  2. 2.

    Occupational Health

    1. 1.

      Creating a comfortable and hygienic work environment by ensuring the three controls in occupational health

    2. 2.

      Minimizing risks by using SDS to conduct chemical substance risk assessments

    3. 3.

      Preventing and improving of lifestyle-related diseases and preventing mental health problems

  3. 3.

    Traffic Safety

    1. 1.

      Ensuring driving seminar training and using business vehicles in compliance with laws and standards

    2. 2.

      Ensuring compliance with legal requirements to check for intoxication (alcohol checks, etc.)

    3. 3.

      Operation planning and overwork prevention based on proper labor management conducted by safe driving managers and department heads

    4. 4.

      Careful use of vehicles, 4S inside vehicles, and ensuring passenger safety checks

Health and Safety Yearly Slogan

Your close call is the workplace’s close call. If you notice something, do something.

Fuji Electric Health and Safety Conference

In accordance with our Corporate Mission we hold the Fuji Electric Health and Safety Conference each year with participation from representatives of factories, head office, divisions, labor union, affiliated companies, and partner companies. At the conference, attendees pledge to develop and maintain safe, secure, healthy, and positive workplaces.

The aims of the conference are to promote a “culture of safety” in which each and every employee always strives to prevent work-related accidents, and to foster a heightened awareness across the Fuji Electric Group as a team about prioritizing safety and health.

The fiscal 2022 conference was held in combination with a remote format and a face-to-face format that took measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We prepared and shared summaries of fiscal 2022 initiatives and main objectives and issues to be addressed in fiscal 2023 with messages from top management and union top for reflection in the management policies of factories, head office, divisions, and affiliated companies.

In fiscal 2023 the entire Company will continue promoting health and safety activities to achieve its health and safety targets.

Holding Health and Safety Training

In addition to legally mandated health and safety training, Fuji Electric also provides training through open seminars, which are even open to employees of subsidiaries and affiliates; new employee training; and training and drills conducted on the business site and factory level. In addition, leader and occupational health and safety manager training is provided for the floor leaders of affiliates. In this manner, we organize and hold health and safety training based on highly practical curriculums throughout each year. In recent years, the Company has also been focused on traffic safety seminars designed to eliminate accidents in Company vehicles as well as on mental health training.

Health and Safety Training in Fiscal 2022
Factory Health and Safety Audit and Sales Office Safety Conference

We conduct health and safety audits in cooperation with safety departments across the Company in order to manage and monitor compliance with factory health and safety standards.

In these audits, we use a common checklist to confirm compliance with laws and regulations and internal rules and provide guidance through actual on-site checks. We also conduct audits of business vehicle management at our sales offices in an effort to strengthen legal compliance and monitoring.

In addition, we conduct audits of business vehicle management at consolidated subsidiaries.

Safety Patrols

Realizing its responsibility of as a company that uses subcontractors, Fuji Electric conducts thorough patrols of plant construction sites at which it is responsible for the safety a large of number of subcontractors based on local health and safety diagnosis standards. Through these patrols, we seek to secure, maintain, and enhance compliance and health and safety.

Ensuring Safety at Overseas Bases

At the overseas manufacturing bases of consolidated subsidiaries, we apply the Company-wide Health and Safety Management Policy and health and safety regulations and provide safety training materials, in effort to achieve management levels equivalent to Japan. We also work to conduct health and safety activities that reflect the laws, cultures and customs of each country with a Company-wide system that involves coordination between the safety division and personnel, legal, overseas sales and industrial health divisions

Examples of Health and Safety Activities

Inspections from a third-party perspective are an effective way to uncover risks lurking in familiar work processes. We therefore believe it is vital to continue conducting systematic safety patrols and risk assessment at business sites, including those of Group companies. Such safety patrols are performed at domestic factories and construction sites as well as overseas bases in China, Southeast Asia, and other locations, leading to great successes.

Safety patrol
Safety patrol
Risk assessment of facility
Risk assessment of facility
Rate of lost-worktime injuries
Rate of lost-worktime injuries

Rate of lost-worktime injuries:
Number of accidents resulting in casualties per 1 million work hours=
Number of accidents resulting in casualties ÷ Aggregate work hours × 1,000,000
Number of accidents resulting in casualties =
Accidents results in fatalities + Accidents requiring time off from work (excluding accidents not requiring time off from work)


Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.; Fuji Electric FA Components & Systems Co., Ltd.

Number of Fatal Accidents


Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.; Fuji Electric FA Components & Systems Co., Ltd.

External Evaluation of Accident-Free Record

In fiscal 2022, Tokyo Factory and Matsumoto Factory were recognized by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare with an Accident-Free Record Certificate, Class 2, and Kawasaki Factory and Fukiage Factory as Class 1. Going forward, we will continue to strive to create safe and comfortable workplaces and eliminate work-related accidents.

Examples of External Evaluation Received the Excellence Award from the Miyazaki Labor Bureau Director’s Awards

The Miyazaki Labor Bureau Director’s Awards ceremony for health and safety was held on July 3, 2023, and Fuji Electric received the Excellence Award. This award recognizes a model company with particularly good health and safety standards. In the construction work of the Nobeoka Kujiraike
Solar Power Plant, which was completed in June 2023, we received high praise for taking safety measures that would serve as a model for others, such as measures to prevent heavy equipment accidents, and for recording no accidents or hazards in the whole process to project completion.
"We are grateful to all our staff and workers, and we intend to take pride in this award and strive for even safer work."

Received the Excellence Award from the Miyazaki Labor Bureau Director’s Awards
Received the Excellence Award from the Miyazaki Labor Bureau Director’s Awards

Health Management and Mental Healthcare

In addition to legally mandated regular health checks, active efforts are being made to prevent lifestyle-related diseases through measures such as adopting the latest screening items and methods and making professional health consultations available.

In addition, we are developing systems and environments in which all employees can work with good health and vitality. Under the Company-wide health promotion system that actively supports each employee's efforts to maintain and improve their health, we are propelling company-wide health promotion activities.

In fiscal 2022, we held an e-learning programs to prevent and ameliorate lifestyle-related diseases and mental health problems, as well as e-learning on mental and physical health education for all employees, as well as education for learning how to care for subordinates (line care) for senior managers in positions of leadership in the workplace. In addition, we are encouraging medical checkups for those with severe lifestyle-related diseases, strengthening health guidance for those who are in the preliminary stages of such diseases, and providing health guidance for those with inappropriate lifestyles.

Our stress check system, which is designed to prevent mental health problems among workers, has become widespread among our employees. We also conduct collective analysis on an ongoing basis and use the results to improve our workplaces. In addition, we provide mental health education from various perspectives, including sleep education and stress coping methods, according to the characteristics of our business bases—factories, head office, and divisions—to emphasize self-care and line care.

Furthermore, we have set up a 24-hour health hotline to provide physical and mental health counseling to employees and their families at any time while strictly protecting their privacy.

We are committed to protecting employees on overseas business trips and assignments from catching infectious diseases, such as type-A hepatitis, tetanus, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, and COVID-19. To this end, we implement medical examinations and vaccinations before they go abroad, and provide a wide range of information on infection prevention measures via our website and other resources.

Starting from fiscal 2020, we also conduct stress checks on employees posted overseas to prevent mental health problems from occurring.