FUJI ELECTRIC REVIEW Vol.65-No.3 (2019) Energy Solutions Contributing to Stable and Optimal
Power Supply

Energy Solutions Contributing to Stable and Optimal
Power Supply


Fuji Electric is engaged in stabilizing and optimizing electric power supply by supporting power infrastructure through reliable technologies in order to contribute to the response to the changes in the energy supply and demand environment and sophistication of social infrastructure and industrial systems. We are also pursuing innovation in energy andenvironment technology, and working to create high value-added, environmentally friendly products and systems used in Japan and overseas.
In this special issue, we will introduce our energy system solutions,including one-stop solutions for power supply equipment and energy management systems (EMSs), as well as latest technologies that support competitive components, such as transformers, switchboards, and uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) that contribute to power supply stabilization and optimization.

[Preface]In Pursuit of Stable and Optimal Power Supply in the Future
Energy Solutions Contributing to Stable and Optimal Power Supply
MORIMOTO, Masahiro; MATSUMOTO, Yasushi
As the energy supply and demand environment changes and social infrastructure and industrial systems have sophisticate, the need is increasing for stable power supply, as well as stable operation and energy savings in equipment in factories and facilities.
Fuji Electric provides energy solutions typified by its Comprehensive Equipment Management Service, with which we offer comprehensive proposal that combines energy management systems and competitive components, such as transformers, switchboards and uninterruptible power systems.
In this paper, we will describe the current status and future outlook of energy solutions contributing to stable and optimal power supply.
Latest Design and Analysis Technologies for Miniaturizing Substation Equipment
HIKOSAKA, Tomoyuki; HAYASHIDA, Hirokazu; ENAMI, Yoshiaki
To meet the need of miniaturization for substation equipment, including transformers and switchgear, Fuji Electric has developed design and analysis technologies capable of miniaturizing conventional substation equipment by30% or more. We have developed a 50-MVA transformer for overseas markets that achieves a 30% reduction in volume. This downsizing was achieved by collating the measurement results from verification models created with three-dimensional electric field analysis, magnetic field analysis, and thermal fluid analysis technologies that we have established. We have also developed a new 145-kV GIS that achieves installation space savings of 30% and mass reduction of 35% by utilizing coupled analysis technologies for electric circuits, electromagnetic fields and thermal fluids,as well as coupled analysis technologies for electric fields and thermal fluids.
New Generation MOLTRA with Improved Energy Savings and Earthquake Resistance
MIYATA, Tomokazu
In recent years, initiatives to protect the environment have created greater demand for enhanced energy-saving performance in transformers used in high-voltage distribution applications including MOLTRA. Moreover, those transformers have also been required to have higher earthquake resistance since the Great East Japan Earthquake.Fuji Electric has utilized its energy-saving technologies in the development of its “Amorphous MOLTRA” and “Super-Eco MOLTRA II,” a line-up that achieves an energy-saving performance of 130% relative to standard energy consumption efficiency. Furthermore, in addition to improving the transformer body itself, we have optimally designed it being integrated into the panel to further enhance earthquake resistance.
Compact Medium-Voltage Switchgear for Data Centers
IWAMOTO, Satoshi; FUJIMOTO, Yoshio; OTA, Hiroshi
Data centers that have been flourishing since around 2005 are often built near urban areas, and there is therefore a need to be compact and space saving of electrical equipment installed. From above background, we have released a compact medium-voltage Switchgear for data centers that is 900 mm wide and 900 mm deep while maintaining the front maintenance type and does not require maintenance space on the back side. For downsizing, the function of the vacuum circuit-breaker (VCB) fixed frame (Cradle) was integrated into the Switchgear side. In addition,a current transformer (CT) with optimal specifications was adopted and performed down size of the CT. As a result,the installation area of total equipment including UPS has been reduced to about 70% compared to the previous model.
UPSs for Hyper Scale Data Centers
SATO, Atsushi; YAMAGATA, Yoshihiko; HAMADA, Ippei
Data centers (DCs) for storing big data are increasing in size year by year. Uninterruptible power systems (UPSs)are indispensable in stabilizing the operation of DCs and are required to have a large capacity and high efficiency.Fuji Electric has added new functions to UPSs for DCs, including control of the number of operating units to pursue the maximum system efficiency and a continuous commercial power feeding to reduce power loss during stable commercial power supply. We have also developed a module UPS, one unit of which consists of several panels, and a compact, lightweight battery panel equipped with lithium-ion batteries, allowing DCs to improve operational efficiency.
“UPS7000HX-T4” High-Efficiency UPS with Continuous Commercial Power Feeding and Quantity Control Functions
In recent years, there has been increasing demand for uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) with increased efficiency used in data centers. To meet the demand, Fuji Electric has added the continuous commercial power feeding function to its “UPS7000HX-T4” three-phase four-wire UPS with normal inverter feeding. Continuously turning on the thyristors of the bypass circuit, the UPS receives power from commercial power source and feeds it to loads and charge the battery through the inverter. The maximum efficiency of the equipment reached 99% when turning off the rectifier. Furthermore, the quantity control function has been provided to operate with high efficiency during normal inverter feeding. Turning off the rectifier and inverter of the standby UPS increases the efficiency during light load operation.
Testing Equipment Contributing to Quality Improvement and Environmental Impact Reduction of High-Capacity Power Electronics Equipment
UMEZAWA, Kazuyoshi; YAMADA, Toshiya; CHIDA, Yukihiro
The recent increase in capacity of power conversion systems has made it necessary to conduct conformity tests to meet the power supply quality stipulated by international and Japanese standards or required by customers.Efficiently performing testing under a variety of conditions can require a power as high as 1.5 MW, and power saving is needed. It is also necessary to completely protect electrical equipment from the impact of power fluctuations.To overcome these challenges, we have developed and deployed testing equipment capable of power regeneration to efficiently perform conformity testing and reduce power consumption during testing. The testing equipment helps shorten product testing periods, improve quality, and reduce environmental load.
“Comprehensive Equipment Management Service” Supporting Optimization of Equipment Maintenance
Equipment maintenance is essential for stable operation and efficiency of production equipment. Equipment owners are seeking support services that cover not only equipment maintenance and troubleshooting, but also comprehensive management of the equipment. Fuji Electric provides Comprehensive Equipment Management Services,aimed at stabilizing equipment operation by preventing malfunction and shortening repair times, as well as reducing equipment maintenance costs by optimizing the operation and management of equipment, covering from a daily check to cost management. Our services contribute to the safe and secure operation and management of equipment by delivering support for optimal equipment maintenance, involving identifying issues, providing their solutions, and conducting continuous improvement, in terms of customers’ business and equipment management.
One-Stop Solution for Power Supplies of Large-Scale Facilities
The accelerating worldwide economy has required flexible and timely facility expansion in accordance with economic trends. Fuji Electric received an order of equipment such as switchboards for a newly constructed semiconductor plant as an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) project. In the project, we proposed the“M-Qube” motor control center, and it was adopted owing to the flexible scalability and adaptability to specification changes. Furthermore, we also received an order for the power supply facilities, including cogeneration facilities as an EPC project, of a newly constructed assembly plant. We utilized a container package to reduce the size of the cogeneration facilities, while also decreasing total costs and supporting BCP.
Technology of Digital Substation for Advanced Maintenance and Operation
The aged substation facilities in Japanese electric power industry has created the growing need to replace many of them. When replacing substation facilities, it is required to improve construction work efficiency, save costs, increase equipment reliability, and enhance maintenance and operation. To meet these needs, Fuji Electric developedIEDs and MUs in accordance with IEC 61850, an international standard that stipulates the configuration of digitalized substations. Connecting IEDs and MUs via Ethernet, we have been developing an IEC 61850 fully digitalized substation by using oversampling techniques and examining protection performance (3-cycle breaking).
Countermeasures Against the Introduction of Large Amounts of Renewable Energy in the Distribution Field and Support for BCP
Since the enactment of the Feed-in Tariff Scheme for Renewable Energy (FIT), large amounts of renewable energy such as photovoltaic power generation have been introduced into distribution systems, thereby complicating the voltage management of distribution systems. To deal with this difficult situation, Fuji Electric has developed voltage regulators and centralized voltage control systems for centrally controlling the regulators. We have also developed a wide-area backup distribution automation system that meets the requirements of business continuity plans (BCPs),which have been strongly required since the Great East Japan Earthquake, by using virtualization technologies and our proprietary configuration control middleware. Furthermore, participating in a New Energy and Industrial TechnologyDevelopment Organization (NEDO) project, we have built a comprehensive distribution management system using these technologies and performed demonstration tests for it in India.
Power Demand-Supply Management System and VPP Solution
OKABAYASHI, Hiroki; TERADA, Takeo; FUJIO, Takahiro
The number of power producers and suppliers that enter the power business has been increasing since the full deregulation of retail electricity in April 2016. For these power utilities, Fuji Electric provides a power demand-supply management system that allows users to operate according to the process flow diagram and to achieve high-precision and efficient operation using a high-precision prediction and other support functions. This system supports a balancing group operation, in which the delegate of contractors coordinates power companies (power producers and suppliers) by sharing data with external agencies to perform planned-value balancing. We have also been participating in virtual power plant (VPP) demonstration projects and can offer VPP solutions for power producers and suppliers,including the services using our demand-supply management systems and large storage battery systems.

New Products

1,700-V Line-Ups of 7th-Generation “X Series” IGBT Modules
NAGAI, Daishi; MASUDA, Shinichi; YOSHIDA, Kenichi
In recent years, it has become necessary to reduceCO2 emissions in terms of measures against global warming. Energy conversion efficiency is being improved,and utilization of renewable energy such as wind power generation and photovoltaic power generation is being expanded. Accordingly, the output current per piece of power conversion equipment tends to increase,and there is growing demand for large-capacity insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) modules,which serve as key devices in such equipment. At the same time, the above equipment, which constitutes part of social infrastructure, also needs to be highly reliable.
To meet demands for a higher output current,lower power consumption and higher reliability of power conversion equipment, Fuji Electric has developed1,700-V products of the 7th-generation “X-Series”IGBT modules.
Storage Battery Systems That Reuse EV Batteries
YAMANO, Hiroyuki; MIYAMURA, Naotaka; MATSUI, Hiroshi
With the spread of electric vehicles (EV) in recent years, a system for safely and effectively utilizing batteries used in EVs is being established.
On the other hand, storage battery systems for utility customers were used to reduce the contract demand by cutting the peak of power consumption to save energy costs. If the results of the virtual power plant (VPP) demonstration project of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, which started inFY2016 and planned to continue until FY2020, are systematized, utility customers can acquire income besides the limit on the maximum power consumption,and the effect of investment-return will be higher.
This system is a storage battery system for utility customers equipped with used EV storage batteries that has functions for supporting peak cut, VPP, and business continuity plans (BCPs). Figure 1 shows the appearance.
7th-Generation “X Series” 1,200-V/2,400-A RC-IGBT Modules
TAKASAKI,Aiko; KAKEFU, Mitsuhiro; YAMANO, Akio
The energy demand is steadily increasing in theworld because of population increase and economic growth. To prevent global warming by CO2 emission control and create responsible and sustainable society,high expectations are growing for the power electronics technology that efficiently converts electrical energy.Among these, a demand for insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) modules, which are power semiconductors,is increasing as a key device for a power conversionsystem used in a wide variety of fields such as industry, consumers, automobiles and renewable energy.
Recent power conversion systems are becoming small and low-cost and have high reliability; therefore,IGBT modules are required to have higher power outputand reliability. Fuji Electric has commercialized the 7th-generation “X Series” IGBT modules having higher power output and reliability by the technologicalinnovation of chips and packages.
We developed a reverse-conducting IGBT (RCIGBT) having the functions of an IGBT and a free wheeling diode (FWD) on one chip, as shown in Fig. 1.By combining the RC-IGBT technology and the above X Series technology, the total area per rated current has been reduced of the semiconductor chip mounted in the IGBT module. As a result, the rated current of the new product having the same size as before has been increased, and we have developed a new product having higher power output, which had been difficult with the conventional technology.
This review describes the “PrimePACK™*13+”with 1,200 V/2,400 A of the 7th-generation “X Series”RC-IGBT module we developed.


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