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Fuji Electric Review (English)

FUJI ELECTRIC REVIEW is the English-language journal that describes the latest technology of Fuji Electric. It was first published in 1955, 31 years after its Japanese version began. In this journal, you will find “evolutionary genes” that have long been inherited in our history since the foundation of Fuji Electric.

Geared toward achieving a decarbonized society, green transformation (GX) has been gathering pace as a countermeasure against global warming. In addition, the promotion of digital transformation (DX) has become an essential pillar to corporate growth.
Under its management policy of contributing to the creation of a responsible and sustainable society through our innovation in energy and environment technology, Fuji Electric is advancing research and development efforts that contribute to solving social issues, including global warming countermeasures, and creating new value for customers, such as by promoting DX.
This issue provides an overview of our technical achievements in FY2022 and our future outlook. We hope you find this information to be useful.

Vol.69-No.1 ,2023

Instrumentation, Control, and Information Systems Contributing to Automation and Energy Saving

Vol.68-No.4 ,2022

Power Semiconductors Contributing to Mobility and Energy Management

Vol.68-No.3 ,2022

Fuji Electric’s Food Distribution Creating New Value