FUJI ELECTRIC REVIEW Vol.64-No.1 (June/2018) Industrial Solutions Contributing to Environmental Protection and Productivity Improvement

Industrial Solutions Contributing to Environmental Protection and Productivity Improvement


Fuji Electric has been engaged in the development of innovative energy and environmental technologies so that it can help mitigate pressing worldwide issues surrounding the protection of the global environment and socially contribute to both suppliers who create energy and consumers who use energy.
In the field of industrial solutions introduced in this special issue, we have been making use of power electronics technology in our efforts to harmonize environmental protection and productivity from the standpoint of energy consumers.
We will introduce products and systems in all fields related to plants and production facilities, including factory automation related products that contribute to automation, labor savings and energy savings; measuring instruments and sensors that provide safety and security through environment visualization; and transportation system products that contribute to reducing environmental burdens and facilitate the safe operation of railroads as major transportation systems.

[Preface] Today’s Major Challenges and Solutions
FUJIMOTO, Yasutaka
Industrial Solutions Contributing to Environmental Protection and Productivity Improvement: Current Status and Future Outlook
TOMOTAKA, Masatsugu; TETSUTANI, Hiroshi; MATSUMOTO, Yasushi
Currently, power electronics technology has attracted attention as a key technology that is capable of supporting the foundations of social and industrial infrastructure, while also accelerating environmental protection activities and measures on a global scale.
Fuji Electric has been working to efficiently utilize energy so that it can help harmonize global environmental protection measures with productivity improvements that contribute to social and industrial development in each field of the industry solutions introduced in this special issue.
In this paper, we will describe solutions that make use of the latest power electronics technologies in combination with general industrial and plant facility drive systems, measuring instruments and rolling stock equipment that contribute to the fields of factory automation, process automation, and environment and social solutions.
FA Solution That Applies IoT and Motion Control Technology
FUJIKAWA, Yasutaka; YOSHIZAKI, Hisashi; TOYODA, Kenro
The rapid development of smart manufacturing technologies has created the need to further improve productivity and create and maximize added values as FA solutions for the manufacturing industry. Fuji Electric has made use of IoT technologies to achieve quality traceability solutions, capable of improving productivity and reducing costs on automobile manufacturing assembly lines. In addition, we have also developed a motion control technology that makes use of high-performance controllers for the packaging lines of food factories. Those technologies make it possible to achieve stable sealing regardless of the packaging speed, as well as optimize control for packaging machine systems.
“FRENIC-eFIT” Environmentally Resistant Inverter Designed for Harshest Installation Conditions
YOSHIDA, Toshihiro; TAKUBO, Hiromu; SATO, Keisuke
Inverters have been increasingly used in various industrial fields and are sometimes required to endure harsh environmental conditions without being installed in a controlboard. Fuji Electric has developed the “FRENIC-eFIT”as an environmentally resistant inverter especially designed for harsh installation conditions. In addition to protecting electronic components with a totally-enclosed enclosure that adopts a fanless cooling system, the unit has also eliminated thermal issues by utilizing SiC devices, which have characteristics of low-loss and heat resistance.Furthermore, we have applied our developed elemental technologies to mitigate high-speed switching noise while utilizing the technological know-how and fi eld test results of Fuji Electric products to improve environmental resistance reliability.
“FRENIC4800VM6” Medium-Voltage High-Capacity Inverter with Water-Cooling System Designed to Meet Various User Needs
MIYASHITA, Tsutomu; NAKAMURA, Yosuke; IWAMOTO, Kazuyuki
When revamping high-capacity inverters used as major equipment in plants, customers place a heavy emphasis on products that incorporate advanced control function and fulfilling user support tools. The “FRENIC4800VM6” medium- voltage high-capacity inverter with water-cooling system was designed to enhance plant control function and expand output frequency over previous products to achieve better productivity and yield for a wide range of high-quality products. Furthermore, featuring a large programmable operation display and renovated user support functions such as a loader function, the inverter helps users reduce the amount of sophisticated and labor-intensive maintenance work, while also contributing to the overall stability of plant operations.
Plant Operation Support System That Helps Transfer Skills and Improve Productivity
In industrial plant operations, major challenges involve transferring skills and improving productivity. To help solve these two tasks, Fuji Electric has decided to redesign its previously developed plant support system to match current monitoring control systems. As a result, The monitoring control system of target facilities can be connected through a general-purpose interface to support operation. This development also makes it possible to share personal operator skills and to standardize operator knowledge and a skill level, helping users to transfer skills. Moreover, standardizing operating procedures and operation that are independent on operators improves productivity.
Latest Electrical Equipment and Drive Control Systems for Bar and Shape Rolling Mills Outside Japan
OGAI, Fumikazu; KAWAGUCHI, Teppei
Bar and shape steel rolling mills are constantly required of stable operations. Thus the equipment needs high information processing capability and high speed control to improve productivity, as well as highly accurate processing to increase yield. Fuji Electric has delivered electrical equipment and drive control systems for use in the rolling mills of combined mill plants outside Japan. To achieve high productivity and stable operations, its control systems, mainly comprise inverters and controllers, are interlinked with high precision via high-speed networks. Moreover, to provide timely support from Japan, remote maintenance support systems are installed in the systems to continuously collect and inspect operating and control data.
World’s Smallest SOX Removal Cyclone Scrubber for Marine Vessels
AOKI, Yukio; TOYOZUMI, Hiroyuki; TAKAHASHI, Kuniyuki
The exhaust gas of marine vessels contains a high concentration of sulfur oxide (SOX), which from the viewpoint of protecting the environment, has become a worldwide problem. Most SOX scrubbers that desulfurize exhaust gas are large in size, and there has been increasing demand for more compact ones. In this respect, cyclone types have the advantage of being smaller in size, but their desulfurization performance in general is inferior to other types of scrubbers. Fuji Electric has developed the world’s smallest cyclone SOX scrubber with high level desulfurization performance and has demonstrated that the scrubber is capable of being used in emission control areas through field tests on ships. Downsizing a SOX scrubber will facilitate its prevalence, allowing low-priced high-sulfur fuel oil to be used continuously. This could contribute to reducing the operating cost of shipping companies that support international logistics.
Radiation Management Solutions Contributing to Environmental Protection
Fuji Electric offers radiation management solutions and radiation measurement equipment that contribute to environmental protection activities involving radiation and/ or radioactive contamination. We have developed an environmental monitoring service using IoT environmental monitors, radiation spectral survey meter with a strontium iodide scintillator, and atmospheric monitor that can monitor radioactive aerosol in atmosphere in real time. We also have developed radiation measurement equipment for earthquake reconstruction: a radioactive aerosol monitor in exhaust gas from the temporary incineration facilities and a radioactive soil sorting equipment to sort contaminated soil produced from decontamination activities based on the radioactive concentration in the intermediate storage facilities.
Passenger Door System for Series E235 Train of East Japan Railway Company (Yamanote Line) Designed to Improve Transportation Quality
Electric door systems for rail cars are motor-powered devices for opening and closing passenger doors in accordance with the door operations of crew members. Fuji Electric has delivered rack-and-pinion type door systems to East Japan Railway Company for the Series E235 train (Yamanote Line), which started operation. The door system uses less permanent magnets than conventional products, thus reducing overall weight by 14%. Furthermore, by reducing the number of parts and adjustment points, the system reduces maintenance costs and failure rates. Moreover, by changing the type of locking device, the system achieves better obstruction pulling and anti-forced opening characteristics. Additionally, by improved control sequencing, the system is increased in sensitivity of obstruction detection and dragging detection.


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