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Environmental and Social Issues to which Fuji Electric Contributes

Work on virtual power plant, a key to the spread of renewable energy

Electricity supply and demand must be matched, and any imbalance between them can disrupt the frequency and affect power quality, causing power outages and other problems. In the past, power companies adjusted supply by controlling thermal and hydroelectric power generation based on precise calculations. However, as renewable energies such as solar and wind power generation, which are difficult to control, become the main source of power, the challenge is to secure the capability to adjust these sources. With this background, virtual power plants (VPPs) are attracting attention. The VPP bundles and remotely controls distributed power resources such as solar power generation facilities, storage batteries, and electric vehicles owned by consumers. VPPs are also expected to further enhance disaster resilience.

Key to VPP realization! Technology to optimize energy supply and demand through AI

Fuji Electric has cultivated expertise in the sophistication of power grid operations through participation in smart community demonstration projects in Japan and overseas. Our AI-based energy supply and demand optimization technology is one of our strengths, helping customers to become carbon neutral and reduce costs by wisely using their power generation facilities, heat source facilities, and energy storage/thermal storage facilities.

VPPs connect large storage batteries through a network to not only renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power generation but also distributed energy resources such as private power generation facilities of consumers in buildings and factories as well as fuel cells, and aggregate, control, and remotely integrate and manage them using IoT. Our energy supply and demand optimization technology stabilizes the power of the entire network and controls surpluses, enabling the system to function as a power plant, supplying power to other consumers and the network in case of emergency.

Balance control of electricity supply and demand through DR (Demand Response)

VPP solutions proposed by Fuji Electric

Fuji Electric proposes VPP solutions for retail electric power companies and consumers. For retail electricity providers, we offer systems with expanded VPP aggregator functions that link storage batteries owned by many consumers and utilize them as power sources for adjusting supply and demand. For consumers, we offer solutions for corporate business continuity plans (BCP), such as power stabilization through peak shaving and peak shifting using storage batteries, and their use as emergency power sources.

Three-company joint project, VPP-compatible EV reused storage battery system

Fuji Electric has developed a storage battery system using EV reused storage batteries in collaboration with Japan Benex Corporation and Sumitomo Corporation, and is promoting VPP business initiatives using this system.

The following examples of deliveries are the efforts of joint projects of the three companies in which Fuji Electric's VPP technology is contributing to the stabilization of power supply for local communities and consumers and to the strengthening of the power infrastructure.

Koshiki-shima Power Management Center

The Center has been in operation since 2015 as part of a demonstration project to spread renewable energy to the remote islands of Satsumasendai City, Kagoshima Prefecture. We are contributing to the construction of a robust power supply infrastructure that is resilient to disasters by maximizing utilization efficiency through the linkage of solar and wind power generation with reused storage batteries.

Japan Benex: Headquarters Factory

Since 2017, Japan Benex has been working on the "Future Plant" project, a model for expanding the introduction of renewable energy, building a reuse model for EV batteries, and optimizing energy supply and demand, and has installed a storage battery system using solar power generation, electric vehicles, and reused storage batteries at its headquarters plant.

Contributing to SDGs


Climate action

Electricity resources are being decentralized in order to expand the introduction of renewable energy and strengthen resilience in the event of disasters, and the stabilization of electricity through VPP solutions will contribute to our SDGs priority goal "9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure."
In addition, one of the main issues of our environmental vision is the "Achieve a Recycling-Oriented Society," and the effective use of resources through the promotion of EV Reused Storage Battery System will contribute to the SDGs priority goal "12. Responsible Consumption and Production.”