R&D Policy

Message from the CTO

Fuji Electric's brand statement "Innovating Energy Technology" expresses our desire to develop products and services that lead to a responsible and sustainable society through innovation in energy and environmental technology.

In order to achieve this, Fuji Electric has been pursuing the complete synergy of its core technologies in power semiconductor and power electronics. We are concentrating our research resources on the development of the technology for supplying and using electrical energy safely, securely and efficiently, as well as the development of thermal energy technology and instrumentation and control technology for providing our customers with optimal solutions to handle energy.

As a result, we have successfully developed cutting-edge products such as SiC devices for next-generation semiconductors, as well as inverters and PCSs for use in photovoltaic power generation characterized by the world's highest level of efficiency. At the same time, we have been actively promoting open innovation with universities and other institutions to enhance our efforts in development of advanced and fundamental technology.

We aim at achieving the world's top level of research and development and are confident that we will be able to meet your expectations in the future.

Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.
Executive Officer
Corporate General Manager, Corporate R&D Headquarters

R&D Policy

Fuji Electric is focused on research and development activities for creating competitive components and systems centered on power semiconductor technologies and power electronics technologies as well as activities for developing solutions that produce value for customers by combining fundamental technologies. The Company has designed its R&D system to accelerate R&D activities by delegating product development functions to the respective business groups while the corporate R&D group handles technology marketing, advanced research, and basic research.

Major Initiatives

  • Create competitive components and systems utilizing cutting-edge technologies
  • Develop competitive product technologies utilizing technology marketing
  • Realize new innovation by combining Fuji Electric’s fundamental technologies with open innovations

R&D Expenditures

Fuji Electric’s basic policy for R&D expenditures is to invest in research and development for accelerating the development of competitive, value-added products.
In fiscal 2017, our focus was the creation of competitive components and systems. We invested in SiC power semiconductors that contribute to substantial energy savings in the equipment in which they are used in the Electronic Devices segment. Expenditures in the Power Electronics Systems segment were made to develop an automobile tire testing machines that employs Fuji Electric’s FA systems. Another R&D focus was the development of an IoT platform that helps customers optimize their energy usage and operations through the diagnosis, analysis, and prediction of facility operating conditions.
In fiscal 2018, we once again plan to devote 40% of R&D expenditures to the Electronic Devices segment, where we will move ahead with the development of SiC power semiconductors and automotive power semiconductors. In the Power Electronics Systems segment, which will also be the target of 40% of R&D expenditures, we will conduct research and development on power electronics products equipped with SiC modules. As for corporate research and development, we develop IoT-compatible equipment and systems.