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R&D Policy

Message from the CTO

Fuji Electric has an established track record as a manufacturer in various fields including components, systems, and engineering.

In particular, we have been developing competitive components that can be used in the creation of innovative systems. To facilitate this, using power semiconductors and power electronics as core technologies we have been developing many advanced systems ranging from energy creation to energy demand forecasting, optimum operation, automation, and predictive maintenance of facilities.

More recently, we have been engaged in the creation of new value through integration of cutting-edge digital technologies suitable for the IoT era.

For example, we are equipping our OnePackEdge and SignAiEdge systems with analytics and AI technology in order to connect cyberspace with real fields. By doing this, we will help increase customer value and solve social issues.

“Innovating Energy Technology”
Through our innovation in energy and environment technology, Fuji Electric will contribute to the creation of responsible and sustainable societies.

R&D Policy

Fuji Electric is focused on research and development activities for creating competitive components and systems centered on power semiconductor technologies and power electronics technologies as well as activities for developing solutions that produce value for customers by combining fundamental technologies. The Company has designed its R&D system to accelerate R&D activities by delegating product development functions to the respective business groups while the corporate R&D group handles technology marketing, advanced research, and basic research.

Major Initiatives

  • Create competitive components and systems utilizing cutting-edge technologies
  • Develop competitive product technologies utilizing technology marketing
  • Realize new innovation by combining Fuji Electric’s fundamental technologies with open innovations

R&D Expenditures

Our businesses in power electronic systems and semiconductors together account for approximately 90% of total plant and equipment investments and 80% of R&D expenditures.

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