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R&D Organization

Advanced Technology Laboratory

The Advanced Technology Laboratory develops fundamental technologies that support product development throughout Fuji Electric and researches cutting-edge technologies that contribute to creating next-generation products. The laboratory’s R&D projects include material technologies of metals, organic components, resins, and magnets, as well as the technologies of analysis, thermal cooling, insulation, current breaking, electromagnetic applications, mechatronics/mechanism control, compound semiconductors, power electronics, sensor and instrumentation, and more.
(Locations: Tokyo, Fukiage)

> R&D projects of the Advanced Technology Laboratory

Digital Innovation Laboratory

The Digital Innovation Laboratory innovates Fuji Electric's products, research, development, and production process with digital technologies, through R&D activities aiming to provide solutions to customers with values and to build digital platform. In particular, the laboratory’s R&D activities span a wide range of technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), cloud computing, embedded systems, cyber security and numerical simulations. These technologies will drive Fuji Electric's digitalization.
(Location: Tokyo)

Technology Strategy and Planning Office

The Technology Strategy and Planning Office plans and manages R&D and technology strategies throughout Fuji Electric. The office formulates medium- and long-term R&D strategies by visualizing R&D plans in the form of road maps for Fuji Electric’s businesses and products. At the same time, the office investigates future technologies through technology marketing and pursues creation of innovation through technology promotion based co-creation and collaboration with customers and partners. It also supports the execution of R&D activities by visualizing the progress, issues, results, and KPIs of R&D.
(Location: Osaki, Tokyo)

Intellectual Property Center

The Intellectual Property Center participates in R&D from the very beginning and develops intellectual property strategies from the R&D roadmaps planning stage and product planning stage. The center is strengthening our intellectual properties made from R&D as intangible management resources by acquiring the domestic and international rights in accordance with our business evolution. We also actively use international standardization for our business, and watch global legal systems and litigations related to patents in order to expand our business globally.
(Locations: Osaki, Tokyo, Matsumoto, Mie)

Development Departments of Each Business Group and Production & Procurement Group

These departments are engaged in R&D for improving productivity and product quality. They also develop products, services, and solutions for each Business Group, as well as element technologies and design tools required for such developments.

> R&D projects of the Development Departments of Each Business Group and Production & Procurement Group