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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Policies

In response to the globalization of our business, Fuji Electric, based on respect for both the intellectual property rights it owns as well as those owned by other companies, is working to strengthen its business through intellectual property strategies that are aligned with our business and R&D strategies.

On April 1, 2011, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. merged with Fuji Techno Survey Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary handling patent applications, so as to unify that company’s patent examination and application functions with Fuji Electric’s business strategy and research and development strategic functions, creating a new structure for stronger business.

Main Measures

1) Strengthen the strategic patent portfolio* through participation by the Intellectual Property Division from the business planning and research and development stages on
2) Establish guidelines for overseas intellectual property rights examination and for responding to systems overseas
3) Establish guidelines for anti-counterfeiting and technology leaks

* Patent portfolio:
The concept of viewing patents held as a single, aggregate body. This is useful in improving Fuji Electric’s technology position (strengths and weaknesses) vis-à-vis other companies, as well as in establishing business strategies and evaluating competitiveness.

Intellectual Property Activities Fiscal 2010 Results

Fuji Electric focuses on energy and environment, and we moved forward with patent applications related to new energy sources, such as fuel cells and solar cells, as well as patents related to efficiency improvements and resource reductions on power electronics products (power semiconductors, inverters, UPSs, etc.) high-efficiency and energy conservation. We placed particular emphasis on strengthening our patent portfolio, with the Intellectual Property Division participating in the process from the business planning and research and development stages on.

Also, continuing from the previous year we focused on monitoring and improving our patent portfolio, exercising patent rights in strategic areas, and preventing infringement of third-party (other company) patents. We also directed attention to issues of concern through meetings for employees responsible for intellectual property, attended by intellectual property officers from Fuji Electric and staff from related departments, and our intellectual property education program. We sought to spread awareness about our new patent information news support system through our education programs and other means.

Our efforts overseas included making preparations at our local companies in China for initiating application of Chinese intellectual property management rules. In addition, we have implemented human resources training in China that covers intellectual property. We are also proceeding to establish guidelines for dealing with counterfeiting and technology leaks in China.

Number of Patents Held by Region
Number of Patent Applications by Region

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