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Contributing to high quality, conversion efficiency,miniaturization, and energy savings

We are developing power semiconductors that realize low-loss and high-efficiency power conversion, while also providing products that contribute to CO2 reduction.

Business Overview

-Power semiconductors
Industrial and automotive sectors

Supplied to


Inverters, Machine tools, Air conditioners, Solar and wind power, Electric railways


Motor drives for electrified vehicles (EVs, HEVs, etc.), Engine control, Brake control


  • Proprietary devices that greatly improve power conversion efficiency

  • Packaging technologies that achieve high levels of heat dissipation and reliability

  • Product development capabilities of IGBT modules that contribute to increasing the efficiency, compactness, and reliability of power electronics



Industrial sector

We are providing IGBT modules that achieve high quality standards and power conversion efficiency for industrial machinery and wind and solar power generation equipment, which are increasingly utilizing IoT and labor-saving technologies. We are developing high-performance semiconductor devices, such as 7th-generation IGBTs and SiC devices, and are contributing to further miniaturization and energy savings with our advanced packaging technologies. We are providing low-loss control ICs and high-capacity semiconductor devices for power supplies for telecommunications equipment, servers, and flat-screen TVs. We are contributing to energy savings by offering a series of control ICs, MOSFETs, and diode products that meet various power supply standards.

Core Products
7th-generation IGBT modules
All-SiC modules
Small-capacity IPMs*

*IPM: Intelligent Power Module

Contributing to SDGs targets
Contributing to SDGs targets

We are supporting the realization of decarbonized societies through renewable energy by using power semiconductor products that achieve high quality standards and power conversion efficiency.

Automotive sector

Automotive sector

We are providing key devices for engine, brake and steering control, as well as for EV/HEV motor drive and battery charging. Our proprietary direct liquid-cooling and RC-IGBT technologies contribute to compactness, lighter weights, and high reliability, and help meet strict environmental and fuel consumption regulations while improving safety.


RC-IGBT: Reverse-Conducting Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor

Core Products
Direct liquid cooling power module for automotive applications
Pressure sensors
Contributing to SDGs targets
Contributing to SDGs targets

The use of our power semiconductors in electric vehicles helps save energy and reduces size and weight.

Main Products and Market Share

IGBT modules for industrial use No. 3 in the world

IGBT modules for industrial use

No. 3 in the world

*Market share is based on FY2022 results. According to our research.

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