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Contributing to automation and energy savings in all industrial fields

We are utilizing AI and IoT for specialized components at critical industrial infrastructure production facilities to achieve efficient use, optimal control, and stable operation of equipment. Furthermore, in addition to providing high-efficiency equipment, our EMS optimizes overall energy consumption in factories and contributes to CO2 reduction.

We are also providing products for the rolling stock and marine industries, contributing to the safety, security, and energy-savings of social infrastructure.

Business Overview

-Automation systems
Inverters, Motors, Controllers, Programmable operator interfaces, Measuring instruments, sensors, FA systems, Drive control systems, Instrumentation and control systems

-Social solutions
Drive systems for railcars, door systems, exhaust gas cleaning system for marine vessels, Nuclear power-related equipment, radiation monitoring equipment and system

-Equipment construction
Electrical equipment construction, Air conditioning equipment construction

-IT Solutions
ICT-related equipment and software

Supplied to

Air conditioning and water treatment facilities, Machine manufacturers, Power companies・Research institutes , Material plants (steel, chemical, etc.), Railway companies, Shipbuilding companies, Public agencies and local government


  • Early development of power electronics equipped with power semiconductors

  • Extensive product lineup tailored to customer applications

  • Engineering capabilities built up over a substantial delivery


Solutions for stabilizing equipment operation

Solutions for stabilizing equipment operation

We support equipment throughout the entire life cycle, including highly reliable control services, operation management such as remote monitoring and predictive abnormality detection, and maintenance services for equipment, by utilizing our extensive product lineup to meet customer application needs and by leveraging our accumulated experience supplying products.

Core Products
Monitoring and control systems
Assembly process data collection system “OnePackEdge”
On-site diagnostic system “SignAiEdge”
Contributing to SDGs targets
Contributing to SDGs targets

We are contributing to stable operation and productivity improvement through comprehensive support services for equipment life cycles, including on-site data analysis, in order to strengthen the resilience of industrial and social infrastructure.

Automation and Energy Saving Solutions

Automation and Energy Saving Solutions

We are contributing to enhanced automation and energy savings by offering a wide range of inverters and motors, as well as servo systems that deliver industry-leading performance. Furthermore, our products are realizing factory automation by supporting equipment and systems through optimized control using programmable controllers and programmable displays. We are also providing compact, high-precision, and highly stable measuring instruments to achieve optimal equipment operation and energy savings, and contributing to safety and security through visualization technologies.

Core Products
Low-Voltage Inverters
Medium voltage inverter
Servo Systems
Programmable controller
Programmable operator interface
Measuring instruments
Contributing to SDGs targets
Contributing to SDGs targets

We are contributing to the creation of industrial infrastructure by realizing optimal operation of equipment and energy savings through a wide range of products and optimal control solutions that use our core technologies.

Transportation Solutions

Transportation Solutions

In the rolling stock sector, we are providing door systems, drive systems, and external power supplies that contribute to safe and comfortable operations.
In the marine sector, we are minimizing operating costs and reducing air pollution using optimized control technologies that utilize the world’s smallest* SOx scrubber and exhaust gas analyzers.


As of 2020, based on our research

Core Products
Drive systems for Shinkansen high-speed train
Passenger door systems
Exhaust gas cleaning system for marine vessels
Contributing to SDGs targets
Contributing to SDGs targets

We are contributing to the development of sustainable communities by promoting and expanding public transportation, improving safety, and preventing air pollution.

Main Products and Market Share

General-purpose inverters No. 2 in Japan

General-purpose inverters

No. 2 in Japan
Induction furnaces No. 1 in Japan

Induction furnaces

No. 1 in Japan

*Market share is based on FY2022 results. According to our research.

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