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UPS6000D-1 Series

Configuration of up to 8 parallel systems possible
Online UPS system
Single-phase, 20 to 75 kVA

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Flexible support for various input and output voltages

Flexible support for AC output and direct feed input in the same equipment dimensions is possible with the large number of single-phase specification variations. Elimination of a voltage matching transformer improves the efficiency of the whole system.

Direct feed input 1φ2w 200V 1φ2w 100V
AC output 1φ2w 200V
1φ2w 100V
1φ3w 200V-100V

Note 1: The standard specification for AC input is three-phase, three-wire 200V.
Note 2: Direct feed 75 kVA input is single-phase, two-wire 200 V only.

Support for high reliability systems

Fully independent parallel redundant systems are supported, enabling configurations of up to 8 parallel systems and making it possible to pursue higher reliability in the medium-capacity, single-phase specification class.

Built-in maintenance bypass circuit

A maintenance bypass circuit, which is conventionally available as an option, is built into this UPS. Being able to use the UPS alone enables higher maintenance performance.

Low loss

A new control method reduces heat generation quantity by 27% compared with conventional products, achieving industry-leading low loss.

Conventional product (30 kVA model) 6000D-1 Comparative ratio
Heat generation quantity* about 4.1 kW about 3.0 kW 27% reduction

* Heat generation quantity of equipment at rated load.

Network system support

We have developed a Web/SNMP card for UPS systems that is compatible with JEMA-MIB. Monitoring of UPS status information is possible over an in-house LAN using browser software, and can also be used for remote maintenance. (The Web/SNMP card is optional.)

Harmonic current suppression

The input current is controlled to be a sinusoidal wave and the harmonic current is suppressed. For this reason, there is no influence by harmonics on in-house power generators of the input system and phase advance capacitors.

High power factor

Controlling the input current to be in phase with the voltage nearly eliminates the reactive power and makes the input power factor to be approximately 1, and this enables the input capacity to be reduced.

Battery management functions

This system represents a collection of our UPS battery trouble expertise and provides battery reliability management.

Ratings and specifications

UPS6000D-1/20 UPS6000D-1/30 UPS6000D-1/40 UPS6000D-1/50 UPS6000D-1/75
Rating 20kVA/16kW 30kVA/24kW 40kVA/32kW 50kVA/40kW 75kVA/60kW
Cooling method Forced air cooling
Power supply method Grid-synchronized online UPS system
AC input Number of phases 3 phases, 3 wires
Voltage 200/210V±10%
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
Operating range: ±5%
Power factor 0.98 or more (at rated load)
Harmonic content ratio 5% or less (at rated load)
Direct feed input Number of phases Single phase, 2 wires
Voltage 100 or 200 V
Manually switchable condition: ±10%
Manually switchable condition: ±10%
Frequency Direct feed following range : ±1% of rated frequency
AC output Number of phases Single phase, 2 wires and single phase 3 wires
Voltage 200/210V ±1%、100/105V±1%、100/105V-200/210V±1%
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
Frequency accuracy Rated frequency ±0.01% (internal oscillation)
Load power factor 0.7 (delay) to 1.0 rating 0.8 (delay). Rated 0.9 (delay) specification can also be manufactured.
Voltage waveform distortion ratio 2% or less: at linear load
5% or less: at 100% load commutation
Transient voltage fluctuation ① Within ±5%: Sudden load change 0 ⇔ 100%
② Within ±2%: Sudden input voltage change ± 10%
③ Within ±2%: Grid power failure, grid power recovery
④ Within ±5%: UPS ← When switching directly
⑤ Within ±5%: When 1 unit is disconnected (only in parallel or parallel redundant systems)
However, the above ① to ⑤ conditions shall not overlap. Switching from UPS to direct feed depends on direct power feed characteristics.
Overload tolerance 110%: 10 min, 125%: 1 min, 150%: 10 sec
Rated current*1 100A/200A 150A/300A 200A/400A 250A/500A 375A/750A
Allowable peak current*1 300A/600A 450A/900A 600A/1200A 750A/1500A 1125A/2250A
Battery Power outage backup Short time about 5 min about 5 min about 3 min about 4 min
Standard time about 10 min about 10 min about 12 min about 10 min about 14 min
Long time about 25 min about 21 min about 35 min about 25 min about 25 min
Very long time about 38 min about 50 min about 60 min about 45 min about 40 min
Nominal voltage 384V
Type Small valve-regulated lead-acid storage battery (Service life expectancy: 5 years, at ambient temperature: 25℃)
Other values Ambient temperature −10 to +40°C (operating), recommended temperature: +25°C ±3°C
Relative humidity 30 to 90% (non-condensing) 70 dB (A) or less
Noise*2 65dB(A)以下
Heat generation quantity about 2.0 kW about 3.0 kW about 4.0 kW about 5.0 kW about 7.4 kW
Withstand voltage AC2000V 1 min
Insulation resistance 3 MΩ or more

*1 Indicates when the output voltage is 200 V / 100 V.
*2 Average peripheral measurement at 1 m.

Customizations other than the above battery are also possible. Please contact us for more information.

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