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UPS7700F Series(For overseas applications)

Optimal performance for computer loads
On-line type UPS
Three-phase, four-wire, 100 to 600 kVA

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Full IGBT type UPS

PWM*1 rectifier

  • High input power factor: 0.99 or higher (almost 1.0)
  • Low input harmonic content: 4% or less (needs no external filter)
  • Power walk-in function provided as standard (soft shift of load to emergency generator)

* Pulse Width Modulation

High-frequency PWM inverter

  • Performance optimum for computer load.
  • Under rectifier load, the waveform distortion is small (below 5%), and the transient voltage variation is also small.

Efficiency of 94% or more

  • Latest IGBTs
  • Latest circuit design
  • Energy saving (Lower running cost)

High performance

  • Uninterruptible on-line type (double conversion) UPS
  • Wide range of input voltage: 380, 400, 415V ±15%
  • Overload capacity: 125% for 10min, 150% for 1min

High reliability

  • Fewer parts thanks to latest devices
  • Screening test, burn-in test, high quality control
  • High quality backed by strong track record

High quality backed by strong track record

  • The standard rectifier can charge a long-life battery.

Can be used for many types of system (fault tolerance)

  • Synchronized and uninterrupted switching with bypass
  • Standby redundancy system
  • Parallel redundancy system
  • Battery monitoring (automatic deterioration diagnosis, replacement advance notice indication)
  • Guidance function

Ratings and specifications

Series UPS7700F Series
Model 3/100 3/200 3/300 3/400 3/500 3/600
Input Voltage〔V〕 380, 400, 415±15% (operating range: 209 to 477)
Frequency 〔Hz〕 50 or 60±5%
No. of phases and wires 3-phase, 4-wire*1
Harmonic current 4% max.
Power factor 0.99 min.
Bypass Input Voltage〔V〕 ±15% of output voltage (external synchronization range)
Frequency 〔Hz〕 ±3% of rated output frequency (external synchronization range: selectable between ±1% and ±3%)
No. of phases and wires 3-phase, 4-wire*1
DC circuit Rated voltage*2[V] 480 (lead acid battery: 240 cells)
Voltage variation range*2[V] 400 to 576
Output Rated apparent power 〔kVA/kW〕 100/80 200/160 300/240 400/320 500/400 600/480
Voltage〔V〕 380400415
Frequency 〔Hz〕 50 or 60
No. of phases and wires 3-phase, 4-wire*1
Load power factor*3 Rated value: 0.8(lag) (0.9 and 1.0 are optional)
Voltage tolerance (steady state) ±1.0%
Transient voltage regulation (1) ±5%: at abrupt step load from 0 to 100% or vice-varsa
(2) ±5%: at abrupt ±15% change of input voltage
(3) ±5%: at failure/recovery of input power
(4) ±5%: at disconnection of one module (for parallel operation systems only)
(5) ±5%: UPS ← Bypass (for uninterruptible backup systems only)
Conditions at switching between UPS and bypass circuits vary depending on the characteristics of the bypass power.
Conditions (1) to (5) should not be overlapped.
Voltage waveform distortion (total harmonic distortion) 2.5% max. (root mean square value of total harmonics under 100% linear load)
5% max. (root mean square value of total harmonics under 100% rectifier load)
Voltage unbalance ±2% (under 100% unbalanced load)
Frequency tolerance ±0.1% (for internal oscillation)
External synchronization range ±3% (selectable between ±1% and ±3%)
Overload capability 125% for 10min, 150% for 1min
Voltage adjustment range ±5% (under rated load)
Others Ambient temperature 0 to +40℃ (for operation)
Relative humidity 30 to 90%
Altitude 1000m max.
Noise*4 68dB (A) max. 74dB (A) max. 76dB (A) max.

*1: Phase N: Common
*2: When a lead acid battery is used
*3: Rated electric power (kW) is guaranteed for rated power factor of up to 1.0.
*4: Average of ambient noise measured at the height of 1.5m
*5: For one UPS main unit
Excluding the bypass transformer and bypass circuit for maintenance
Excluding the battery

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