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Development history

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Phosphoric acid fuel cells(PAFC)

1960s 1963 (Development of alkaline fuel cells starts)  
1970s 1973 Research on phosphoric acid fuel cells starts Kansai Electric Power Company,30kW
1980s 1980 Kansai Electric Power Company, 30 kW (to 1983)
1984 Kansai Electric Power Company, pressurized type, 1 MW (to 1988)
1985 Pressurized type for electric power companies 50 kW (to 1989)
1986 Methanol fuel type for isolated islands, 200 kW (to 1990)
1983 to 1989 Development for forklifts, small 5 kW
1989 Kansai Electric Power Company, Rokko Island, 50 kW, 14 units (to 1997)
1989 Development starts on on-site 50 kW, 100 kW in collaboration with Tokyo Gas, Osaka Gas, and Toho Gas (to 2001)
Okinawa Electric Power Company,200kW, Rokko Island,50kW
1990s 1991 50 kW for each power company (to 2001)
1991 Kansai Electric Power Company, pressurized type, 5 MW (to 1996)
1991 Osaka Gas, 500 kW, onsite type (to 1999)
1992 DOE, bus mounting type, 50 kW (to 1997)
1996 Development and demonstration experiments of by-product hydrogen using fuel cell (to 2001)
1997 Commercial prototype (100 kW), demonstration testing (to 2002)
1998 Shipment of 1st commercial fuel cells (phosphoric acid type, 100 kW, FP-100E)
2000s 2001 2nd commercial fuel cell (phosphoric acid type, 100 kW, FP-100 F)
2002 1st shipment for sewage treatment plants (Yamagata City)
2004 Shipping starts for 3rd commercial fuel cell (phosphoric acid type, 100 kW, FP-100G) with 60,000 hr. durability
2006 Kumamoto Northern Purification Center, Kumamoto Prefecture, 4 units
2007 Development of popular fuel cell product (phosphoric acid type, 100 kW, FP-100 H)
2009 Sales start for 100 kW fuel cells, FP-100i
Receives Excellence Award, Nikkei Superior Products and Services Awards
1st commercial 100kW fuel cells

In Japan, Fuji Electric has been a pioneer in the field of phosphoric acid fuel cell power generation systems in the several kW to MW class range, and has much experience and an extensive track record using various fuels. In addition, we were the first to build a dedicated factory for manufacturing fuel cells, evaluated the durability of fuel cells for many years, and began shipping commercial units incorporating our expertise in 1998.