Fuel Cells
Phosphoric acid fuel cells

Phosphoric acid fuel cells Contribute to modern society,shich requires environmental friendliness

Phosphoric acid fuel cells

Phosphoric acid fuel cells

Business use: 100 kW output
Applications: Cogeneration in hospitals, hotels, etc., in sewage treatment plants, for disaster prevention, etc


Fuji Electric's fuel cells are certified as Ministry of the Environment's L2-Tech product.


Installation example: City gas fuel cell

Actively utilized as a BCP*measure to supply power at disaster prevention centers


BCP:business continuity planning

Utilizing city gas produces highly efficient power generation, and contributes to energy-savings and CO2 reduction.

If grid power fails due to a disaster or other reason, the fuel cell will continue to supply the necessary electricity by generating power using city gas.

If the city gas shuts off in addition to a power outage, the fuel cell switches to a reserve supply of LP gas to use for fuel and generates electricity.

Installation example: Biogas type

Effective utilization of renewable energy

Biogas type
Biogas type

Utilizes biogas (including digestion gas) generated by sewage treatment and anaerobic fermentation of organic waste.
Compared to using biogas with boiler fuel, CO2 emissions can be greatly reduced.

Installation example: Pure hydrogen type

New generation method for a future hydrogen energy based society

Pure hydrogen type

Direct use of pure hydrogen makes it possible to generate electricity with high efficiency (about 48% gross thermal efficiency) since reforming of the fuel is not required.
Also, CO2 is not generated at all during power generation.

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