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Hydrogen Fuel Cell System

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A step toward carbon neutrality

We are committed to contributing to a decarbonized society by focusing on hydrogen energy that does not emit carbon dioxide.
Fuji Electric offers “fuel cell solutions” that use hydrogen.

New Hydrogen Fuel Cell System

Flexible capacity scalability, startup after power outages, long service life, and high-power continuous operation

It’s low noise and low vibration design enables it to be used in factories, offices, hospitals, and schools as a systems that effectively uses by-product hydrogen and provides backup power during disasters.

Flexible capacity scalability

Flexible capacity scalability

It offers flexible capacity scalability by leveraging the electric circuit design technology of our power conditioning systems (PCS) that we cultivated in our photovoltaic power generation EPC business (Note).
(Note) EPC is a type of turnkey contract used to collectively provide engineering, procurement, and construction services.

Startup after power outages

Continuous and intermittent operation is possible by utilizing the instantaneous startup capability of polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFCs).
Enables startup after power outages without relying on commercial power

Long service life to support various applications

Provides long-life operation of fuel cell systems by utilizing the monitoring, control, maintenance, and degradation suppression technologies we developed for phosphoric acid fuel cells

Product applications

Carbon neutral power source for factories, facilities, stevedoring equipment, and ships

  • Compatible with by-product hydrogen

  • Supports BCP

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