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Drives & Controls

Offering inverters, servo systems, motors/motor-applied products and synchronous drive systems, to drive and control factory equipment and machine tools.

AC Drives (Low voltage)

We deliver high performance inverters that offer automatically controlled motor of AC Drive / variable frequency drive (VFD) applications.

AC Drives (Medium voltage)

Our medium-voltage inverters are used for direct variable-speed control of medium-voltage motors. It greatly raises the efficiency and power factor, stabilizes motor operations and conserves energy.


We offer a comprehensive range of reliable and high efficiency motors and generators for all applications.

Servo Systems

Our servo system can be adapted to wide range of motion control, from high-function like synchronization and interpolation to simple-function motion control like Point-to-Point positioning.

PLC, Programmable logic controller

Fuji Electric's PLC enables suitable system configuration ranging from small through to large scale.

HMI, Human machine interface

Our Human Machine Interface have been used in various fields - airplane, railway and power plant control systems, electronically controlled order systems for restaurants, and factory automation systems.

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