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Boiler combustion solution


  • Addition of independently developed optimal combustion logic for boiler combustion control (Using thermodynamics and combustion theory logic for boiler control)
  • Active control of the generation of trace amounts of carbon monoxide (CO) in the boiler exhaust gas improves combustion efficiency
  • Real-time sensing technology using a fast response laser CO analyzer
  • Exhaust gas CO block control prevents generation of excessive CO in the exhaust gas regardless of changes in the operating condition of the boiler
  • Suppression of CO generation to within regulated values when exhaust gas CO concentration regulations exist

Improved boiler fuel costs up to 1%

Improving the combustion efficiency has greatly contributed to cost reduction by enhancing boiler performance, while also reducing fuel costs up to 1%. This solution also contributes to protecting the global environment since it leads to reduction in greenhouse gases.

Japanese Patent No. 6135831

Estimated benefit of fuel reduction (Unit: ten thousand USD per year)

Boiler capacity (t/h)1520305080100150200300400500
Fuel cost savings
Heavy oil boiler4.25.78.514.122.725.942.456.584.8113.0141.3
LNG boiler3.24.26.310.616.921.131.741.363.484.5109.3
Coal boiler--

  • *1 The benefit of fuel reduction is estimated based on a 1% fuel consumption improvement. It differs depending on factors such as the exhaust gas temperature and/or the reduction in the amount of the exhaust gas O2 concentration of utilized boiler.
  • *2 Fuel prices make use of the following data. Heavy oil: 0.4 USD/R; LNG: 0.46 USD/kg; Coal: 0.11 USD/kg
  • *3 Boiler operating hours: 7920 hours (330 days a year)

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