Handling Consultations and Complaints Regarding Personal Information

We will handle any consultation or complaint regarding personal information by phone, via Fax or e-mail. Please contact the following address/number:

[Personal Information Inquiries Office]

Public Relations Department
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Tel: +81-3-5435-7218 Fax: +81-3-5435-7486
E-mail: privacy@fujielectric.com
Office hours: 9:00-12:00; 13:00-17:00
(Except Saturdays, Sundays, Japanese public holidays, and company holidays)

Notes before making inquiries:

We will handle the personal information provided by customers in relation to or as part of an inquiry (the “customer information”) as described below. Please make an inquiry if you agree to the following:

(1) Handling of customer information
Customer information provided by customers in relation to or as part of an inquiry will be managed strictly in accordance with the Fuji Electric Privacy Policy.
(2) Intended use of customer information
Customer information will be used for the purpose of our business affairs to respond to the inquiry from the customer to whom the information pertains.
(3) Disclosure of customer information
We will not disclose customer information to third parties except in the following circumstances:
  • Permission has been granted by the customer.
  • Disclosure of such information is necessary to protect human lives, to prevent injury or suffering, or to protect property, even when permission for such use is not readily forthcoming from the customer.
  • Disclosure of such information is legally required.
  • The use of personal information is entrusted to third parties within the scope necessary for achieving the purpose of use.
  • All or part of our business activities are transferred to another party due to corporate mergers, corporate separations, the sale or transfer of operations, or other reasons.
(4) Entrusting customer information to third parties
When it is determined that responding to a customer inquiry through any of our affiliated companies or subcontractors (Fuji Electric group companies, appointed agents, etc.) would be appropriate to such extent as is necessary to achieve the purpose of use, we may provide the details of the inquiry, including customer information, to such parties. In such circumstances, we take responsibility for appropriately monitoring the use of such personal information by the third party.
(5) Request for disclosure, etc.
You may make a request for the “notification of intended use”, “disclosure”, “correction, addition or deletion” and “cessation of use, erasing or cessation of disclosure to third parties” of such information. For details of the procedures for such request, please refer to the Procedures for Request for Disclosure, etc.
(6) Provision of customer information
The provision of your customer information to us is optional. However, if you do not provide such information, we may not respond to your inquiry.
(7) Notice to customers 15 years or younger
Customers aged 15 years old or younger must first obtain consent from a parent or guardian before making an inquiry.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.
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