Fuji Electric Global


Regarding the Use of Personal Information

Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "FE") uses the personal information of customers and other individuals for the purposes set out in the following paragraphs.

  1. Personal information of customers is used:

    1. In order to ship or forward products;

    2. To inform customers about products, services, and exhibitions and other events;

    3. To provide service and maintenance;

    4. To respond to inquiries and other consultations;

    5. To issue materials related to products and services;

    6. To enable the company to carry out and enforce contracts;

    7. To facilitate business talks, meetings, communications and other such activities.

  2. Personal information of shareholders is used:

    1. To enforce rights or to fulfill obligations under laws and regulations;

    2. To provide benefits for shareholders (e.g., shareholder benefit programs, etc.);

    3. To implement measures concerning shareholders (e.g., questionnaires, etc.);

    4. To manage shareholders as required by laws and regulations (e.g., preparation of shareholder data, etc.);

  3. Personal information of individuals in government or other public bodies is used:

    1. To perform processing and procedures necessary when carrying out work for government and other public bodies;

    2. To facilitate communications, reports and inquires directed to government and other public bodies.

  4. Personal information of individuals at trade and business partners is used:

    1. To facilitate communications and business talks related to business transactions;

    2. To facilitate the management of information regarding trade and business partners;

    3. To facilitate accounting and bookkeeping procedures such as payments.

  5. Personal information of individuals seeking recruitment is used:

    1. To contact individuals and to provide information regarding recruitment;

    2. To facilitate recruitment activities.

  6. Personal information of retired/resigned individuals is used:

    1. To contact individuals following retirement/resignation.

  7. Personal information caught by security camera is used:

    1. For crime-prevention and safety control in our business offices.