FUJI ELECTRIC JOURNAL Vol.85-No.3 (May/2012)

FUJI ELECTRIC JOURNAL Vol.85-No.3 (May/2012) Power Electronics Technology

Power Electronics Technology

Power Electronics Technology: Current Status and Future Outlook
KAWANO Masashi, HIROSE Jun, AIHARA Takashi
Fuji Electric is focusing on power electronics, through which electricity can be handled flexibly, to contribute to the world in the field of energy. Power electronic devices, with circuit technique, control system, and power semiconductor as their base technologies, are expanding into various fields. For inverters, EMC analysis technology, high-speed synchronization communication technology, and water-cooling methods etc. are employed in addition to complying with functional safety standards. For UPS, nickel-metal hydride batteries are introduced and A-NPC 3-level conversion technology is adopted. In addition, Fuji Electric is developing a wide range of power electronics technologies to enhance power electronic devices for railway vehicles and electric cars, high-efficiency power sources for servers, and high-capacity PCS and responds to various demands such as safety, miniaturization and energy saving.
Latest Technology for General-purpose Inverters and Servo Systems
SAKAI Toshiaki, IMOTO Hiroyuki
General-purpose inverters are used in a wide range of industrial fields, including transportation machinery, air conditioners, and machine tools. Fuji Electric offers a lineup of new products that meet various needs. We have realized easy system construction with auto tuning and vector control for synchronous drive system, and enforced energy savings and reduced electric power for air conditioning dedicated inverters using temperature difference constant control and estimated end pressure control functions, and lined up a new product expanding the range of applications to high-speed and multi-axial control for high-performance vector control inverters. For servo systems, we have developed new products that realize optimal adjustment through application-specific auto tuning and enrich replacement methods from older models, as well as packaged products designed for ease of use.
FRENIC-VG, a High-Performance Vector-Control Inverter
TANAKA Masao, YAMAMOTO Takeshi, KIUCHI Tadaaki
Inverters for variable speed control of AC machines used in general industry applications mainly use either V/f constant control or vector control. Fuji Electric has developed the FRENIC-VG, a new high-performance vector control model, which realizes high precision and high functionality while complying with functional safety standards. It has various outstanding features, including optimized detection circuits, improved speed control precision, speed sensorless vector control, use of multiplex systems, and connection to E-SX buses. Application examples include optimal tension control and miniaturization of winder control circuits in wire drawing machines, and high-capacity support, high starting torque, and load adaptive control for cranes.
GNS & GNP Series of High-Effi ciency IPM Motors
Attempting to reduce energy use, as well as rapid resource demands rise, has been a problem worldwide in recent years. To solve this problem, Fuji Electric developed the GNS and GNP series of high- efficiency IPM (interior permanent magnet) motors, which quest the ultimate reduction of generated loss.
In addition to increased efficiency of electric motors, these motors can greatly reduce power consumption in fan and pump applications through implementing revolution speed control by combining with power electronic devices such as inverters. In addition, their design considers ease of replacement from electric motors already in use and ease of exchanging bearings, arousing demands for energy reduction.
FRENIC4800VM5, a Water-Cooled High Capacity, High Voltage Inverter
High-voltage inverters used to drive main rolling mills for steel and non-ferrous metal materials, large blowers and compressors are seeing increased demands for higher capacities and reduced size of board dimensions as facilities increase in scale. Fuji Electric is conducting researches in the water cooling and miniaturization technologies needed to meet these requests. Through repeated analysis and testing, we aimed to improve cooling performance and reliability through water cooling technology and as a result released the FRENIC4800VM5, a water-cooled, high-capacity, and high-voltage inverter, which has 2.4 times more output capacity and 1/3 smaller panel dimension compared to our previous models.
FRCM Series of EV Quick Chargers
Electric vehicles are being released one after another, and the high-speed charging spots construction is accelerating in Japan to deal with global warming. Fuji Electric developed high-speed charging units that use general-purpose inverters and released them on the market. This time, we developed the FRCM series, a quick charger for electric vehicles based on front-end power supplies. The power unit, insulated from high-frequency waves, and has solved the problem caused by harmonics. The charger panel is lightweight at 210 kg and its depth is 480 mm, similarly thin as a general vending machine. The panel has a universal design seeking ease of use, and employs safety design using a hardware sequence that blocks both input and output to reliably cut the current in emergencies as well.
Power Electronic Devices for Railway Vehicles
As effects on the global environment are becoming a problem, the world is focusing on railway vehicles for their better energy efficiency so they can be a means of transport that is environmentally friendly, high capacity, fast, safe, and economical. Fuji Electric has anticipated market needs related to energy efficiency and the environment and used the latest power electronics technology to provide environmentallyfriendly electric equipment with increased consideration for the user comfort for railway vehicles such as vehicle propulsion (driving) system for Shinkansen etc., auxiliary power unit and door system to control side door in the Japanese and world markets. In addition, we are proactively expanding into markets around the world such as North America and Asia, as well as working to support international standards and localized production.
High-effi ciency Front End Power Supplies Certifi ed as 80 PLUS
KARUBE Kunihiko, TAWADA Nobuyuki, NAKAHARA Tomoki
Switching power sources that convert from AC to DC are installed in many electronic devices, and their market is expanding as these devices are becoming more advanced. Fuji Electric has developed and released switching power sources including front-end power sources for information communication applications, an area that demands compactness, high efficiency, and high quality. We are focused on increasing power source efficiency as promoted by the 80 PLUS program. We have released five models certified as Gold level, and one model certified as Platinum level. By using the latest semiconductor elements, we are continuing to improve power source efficiency and increase high power density, and working toward compliance with the newly established Titanium level.
FCPOP: A Power Management Platform for UPS products
IWAI Kazuhiro, KIMURA Terumichi
Fuji Electric has a wide lineup of UPS products and it is necessary to provide power control systems that integrate products from midto-high capacity UPS to mini-UPS.
To achieve this, Fuji Electric built the FCPOP power source management platform for UPS products. With this as a base, we developed a power source management system with a new confi guration in which sections corresponding to each UPS are stacked. The power source management system comprises UPS monitoring software, integrated power source management software, a network interface card, shutdown software, and more to provide the user with a unified product concept and operability.
Evaluation and Application Technology of New Batteries in UPS products
In consideration of the environment, Fuji Electric is developing a UPS with a new type of battery to replace lead-acid batteries, which use environmentally regulated materials. We are also developing storage devices and investigating application technology for lithium-ion batteries installed in electric vehicles and hybrid cars in partnership with battery manufacturers. We evaluated olivine-type lithium iron phosphate batteries, which have received attention in Japan as a new type of battery, and are considering adding them to our UPS products. We also launched UPS products equipped with the manganate lithium-ion batteries by evaluating with the similar method.
LX Series: Mini-UPS products with NIMH Batteries for Data Centers
OSHIMA Masafumi, MORITO Yujiro, SHIINA Hiroyuki
To increase power usage effi ciency, data centers continue to reduce the power usage of their cooling equipment and use outdoor temperatures for their cooling methods. This has increased the demand for longer life of devices used inside in high-temperature environments. Fuji Electric has developed and released the LX series of Mini-UPS products, which use nickel-metal hydride batteries and are intended for data centers. This uses Fuji Electric\'s unique dual conversion method to increase battery life in high-temperature environments, decreases equipment size, and realizes high-performance through high-frequency PWM control. A wide range of optional products is available and the series complies with the RoHS directive.
PVI1000: Outdoor High-Effi ciency Power Conditioners for Mega Solar Projects
FUJII Kansuke, FUJIKURA Masanobu, KIKUCHI Takayuki
The solar power market ranges from home power generators to large-scale installations for Mega Solar projects. Fuji Electric developed an 1 MW power conditioner (PCS) that is optimal for these Mega Solar projects. This PCS achieves world-class efficiency through use of an A-NPC 3-level IGBT module. In addition, setup costs are reduced as the high-voltage transformers and the PCS are integrated on the same stage into a sub-station. Furthermore, it achieves highly reliable solar power generation through Fault-ride-through capabilityand unit parallel redundancy when connecting to a power system.
The UPS 7000HX Series of High-Effi ciency, Large-Capacity UPS products using A-NPC 3-Level for Data Centers
In recent years, as ICT expands, the building market exemplified by data centers has focused on environmental performance and economy, and the demands for high efficiency, high reliability, and compactness from power source equipment are increasing. Fuji Electric developed a large capacity high efficiency UPS, “UPS 7000HX series”(400 V 500kVA) to meet these needs. Maximum efficiency is as high as 97% and the installation area is 30% less than conventional models. In addition, the parallel operation provides a stable power supply. To achieve this, we set the power conversion circuit construction to three levels and used a three-level dedicated module equipped with the RBIGBT that we developed in the switching element.
Power Electronic Equipment Equipped with SiC Devices
MATSUMOTO Yasushi, KONDO Yasushi, KIMURA Hiroshi
To achieve innovative compactness, light weight, and low loss in power electronic equipment, it is beneficial to use power semiconductors that use wide bandgap materials such as SiC and GaN. By installing hybrid modules using Si-IGBT and SiC-SBD semiconductors into generalpurpose inverters, Fuji Electric can reduce inverter loss by 25%. In addition, by installing all-SiC modules in power conditioners for solar power generation, we demonstrated that it can increase main circuit efficiency to 99% while also reducing the overall equipment volume to 1/4 of conventional models, which is a substantial size reduction.

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