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Fuji Electric Review (English)

FUJI ELECTRIC REVIEW is the English-language journal that describes the latest technology of Fuji Electric. It was first published in 1955, 31 years after its Japanese version began. In this journal, you will find “evolutionary genes” that have long been inherited in our history since the foundation of Fuji Electric.

Digital transformation (DX) is a process in which a company uses data and digital technology to transform its operations, organization, processes, corporate culture and corporate climate, in addition to transforming its products, services, and business models according to the needs of customers and society. DX is considered essential for future corporate management to respond to rapid changes in business environments and to establish a competitive advantage.
Fuji Electric is strengthening its eff orts to develop technologies involving IoT, AI, simulation, and solutions based on them.
This special issue presents the solutions and technologies that advance Fuji Electric’s DX initiatives.