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Fuji Electric Review (English)

FUJI ELECTRIC REVIEW is the English-language journal that describes the latest technology of Fuji Electric. It was first published in 1955, 31 years after its Japanese version began. In this journal, you will find “evolutionary genes” that have long been inherited in our history since the foundation of Fuji Electric.

Global efforts toward decarbonization are progressing rapidly toward the creation of a sustainable society and the resolution of climate change issues, which are objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In 2019, Fuji Electric announced its “Environmental Vision 2050,” which focuses on the achievement of a decarbonized society, recycling-oriented society, and society that is in harmony with nature. We aim to achieve this vision through expansion of clean energy technologies and energy-saving products.
The keys to achieving a decarbonized society include vehicle electrification to reduce CO2 emissions and the further improvement of the efficiency of power electronics equipment for the stable and efficient use of energy. Fuji Electric’s power semiconductors are key devices that contribute to electrification and improved efficiency.
This special issue presents Fuji Electric’s power semiconductors with a focus on the latest technologies and products.