R&D Strategy

R&D Policies

The Company is committed to strengthening its technological prowess in its core fields of semiconductors, circuits, and control and measuring instruments technologies, particularly those relating to power electronics technologies. Another area of focus is the development of next-generation energy creation technologies and energy-saving technologies that utilize electricity and thermal energy with maximum efficiency. In energyrelated fields, we will leverage the technologies developed to accelerate the creation of new products that are synergistic with our business operations as well as those that are responsive to the needs present in the global market.

Breakdown of R&D Expenditures R&D Expenditures/Ratio of R&D Expenditures to Net Sales
■Major Initiatives

●Accelerate new product development
・Create next-generation power semiconductors and power electronics equipment
・Develop smart community systems
・Develop new products that generate companywide synergies (heat, machinery, control)

●Expand series of existing products and step up cost-reducing development projects targeting new markets (Asia, etc.)

●Continually strengthen shared technological foundations
・Strengthen core technologies (power electronics, semiconductors, control, etc.)
・Utilize open innovations

R&D Structure

Fuji Electric Corporate R&D Headquarters is the central driver in our efforts to develop core technologies and invent new products in the energy and environmental fields. We are creating leading-edge technologies for the future by developing products that take advantage of synergies among our core technologies, such as semiconductors, power electronics, control, and measuring instruments. Fuji Electric is rapidly developing new energy and the environment technology products destined for the global markets.

Research and Development Organization Chart

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