Control ICs for Switching Power Supplies

  • Business Group & Production Technology Group
  • Electronic Devices
  • Energy Saving
  • Utilizes only a single converter
  • Achieves both low power consumption during standby operation and improved output power capacity
  • Improvement of protection functions such as secondary short-circuit protection precision

Control ICs that use an AC switching power supply are used in a variety of consumer, OA and communication devices, and they are required to be highly efficient and compact, as well as have low power consumption.

Traditionally, three converters were needed in combination with an auxiliary power unit and input stabilization power unit, but we have developed a current resonant control IC capable of stable operations with a single converter by newly establishing an integrated circuit technology that guarantees 600 V. This IC makes it possible to output a large load power even during standby operation by making use of one of our original control systems.

As a result, network equipment, equipped with an LCD TV utilizing this IC, can perform stable operations even in standby mode.

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Use of a single converter