Pressure Sensors for Vehicles

  • Business Group & Production Technology Group
  • Electronic Devices
  • Safety and Security
  • Sensor and signal processing circuit miniaturized and integrated onto a single chip
  • Noise resistance required for vehicle mounted devices
  • High-precision sensor via our original MEMS technology

We have achieved high reliability, a compact size and light weight by integrating a piezo resistance sensor gauge, amplifier circuit, overcurrent protection circuit, noise countermeasure circuit and open fault detection circuit onto a single chip to reduce the number of connecting parts.

This product can be used for a variety of applications including engine control, detection of fuel tank leaks and detection of pressure in exhaust systems. For vehicle mounted applications, it has increased compliance with its mounting environment through features such as noise resistance and fuel and gas corrosion resistance.

It is capable of high-precision detection by means of a digital system based characteristic compensation circuit, as well as by the thin-film diaphragm of the sensor gauge, which was fabricated using our original MEMS technology.

Integrates the sensor, signal processing circuit, EMC / overvoltage protection element onto a single chip

Product external appearance (standard cell)

Product external appearance (exterior housing)

Open fault detection function compatible with higher level systems

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