IoT platform

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  • Energy Solution
  • Industry Solution
  • Electric Distribution & Control Components
  • Power Infrastrucure
  • Food & Beverage Distribution
  • Fundamental and cutting-edge technologies
  • Energy Saving
  • Safety and Security
  • IoT
  • Edge controller : Collecting data easily by connecting field devices
  • Data analytics : Creating new values by analyzing customer data
  • Server : Independent from cloud vendors to satisfy customer preferences

IoT platform is an IoT service base to realize the "creation new IoT values to customers by taking advantage of field devices and data analytics (AI)" (Fuji Electric's IoT concept).

It consists of edge controllers to collect field data and to transfer it to the cloud, data analytics (AI) to create new values by analyzing the data, server systems utilizing public cloud services, and security to protect whole systems and data.

Furthermore, edge controllers with AI functionality are under development, in response to the trend of edge-heavy computing.

Configuration of IoT platform