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Corrosion Protection of Geothermal Turbines

  • Advanced Technology Laboratory
  • Power Infrastrucure
  • Fundamental and cutting-edge technologies
  • Energy Creation
  • Safety and Security
  • High corrosion resistance materials and new processes for them
  • Evaluation Methods simulation geothermal environments
  • Forecasting corrosion phenomena with computational science

Geothermal power generation uses steam containing corrosive impurities such as hydrogen sulfide and chloride, necessitating corrosion countermeasures.

Coating materials and methods are being developed for main turbine component parts to improve corrosion resistance.Methods for evaluating corrosion resistant life simulating geothermal environments are being developed minimizing the risk of corrosion troublesand radical solutions for them using corrosion simulation technology to predict complicated corrosion phenomena.

Corrosion resistant material is coated on turbine blades, the main component of geothermal turbines

Simulation of turbine material corrosion progress in geothermal environment

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