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High-Efficiency, Compact Condenser for Geothermal Power Generation

  • Business Group & Production Technology Group
  • Power Infrastrucure
  • Energy Creation
  • Optimal design that utilizes computational thermo-fluid analysis, while maintaining compatibility with the geothermal fluid of each region
  • Refined spray nozzle that suppresses clogging due to contamination

Condenser performance (vacuum degree and cooling water amount) in geothermal power plants depends greatly on power generation efficiency.

Our condenser is a direct contact type that utilizes a spray nozzle.

The development of the spray nozzle and improvement in the structure via computational thermo-fluid analysis has enabled us to achieve a compact size that yields a condenser performance that is 16% better than that of previous products.

This unit achieves the world's highest level, and has become a major pillar for the differentiated technologies of geothermal power generation plants.

This achievement has contributed greatly to enhancing power generation efficiency, and has increased customer value.

Spray-water behavior analysis via a computational thermo-fluid dynamic simulation

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