See-through Compact Cup Vending Machines

  • Business Group & Production Technology Group
  • Food & Beverage Distribution
  • Safety and Security
  • Designed to make the regular coffee part of the machine viewable with LED lighting
  • Facilitates easy-to-understand product selection
  • Compact design that is compatible with two different cup sizes

We have developed this regular-coffee cup vending machine to have enhanced features over previous products. The machine offers consumers greater appeal and a sense of food-safety by allowing them to view the regular coffee extraction process with LED lighting.

It also comes with added value, such as new functionality that enables consumers to customize their beverage using a navigation lamp, as well as add toppings such as cocoa powder. Furthermore, this compact machine also offers two cup sizes, regular and large.

Product's external appearance

Beverage selection panel

2 cup-size mechanism

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