Controller Development Technology

  • Business Group & Production Technology Group
  • Industry Solution
  • Safety and Security
  • IoT
  • IEC 61131-3 standard compliant program compiler development technology
  • Real-time control technology applying a high-speed multi-core microcontroller
  • High-speed data processing technology combining control LAN and I/O control

Controllers are the core of control systems, and they incorporate not only sequence control functions, but also transmission and data processing functions. They are required to have the high reliability and environmental endurance needed in plant and factory production facilities.

Our core technologies contribute to raising the productivity and quality of customer facilities. These technologies include our original compiler technology, which quickly converts application programs created by customers into executable machine code, integrated real-time control technology, which executes programs at control cycles of less than 0.25ms, as well as control network development technology.

Programmable controller

Plant controller

Fuji Electric controller position map